Tixserve is responding to the needs of three groups of customers in the live entertainment event sector:

1.  Direct-to-fan players

2.  Ticket agents

3.  Self-ticketing venues


Benefits for  customers

BENEFITS LISTED ONLY FOR A TICKET SELLER BELOW, YET THREE TYPES OF CUSTOMERS LISTED ABOVE - do you need to specify benefits for each customer or replace the word "ticket seller" used in the sentence below with customers??? Also how important is the security element of the service as in ticket fraud issues? Should this aspect be discussed more on the what we do and how we do it page??

Tixserve enables a ticket seller to focus on its core business of acquiring ticket inventory and selling tickets to its consumer base and to commercially benefit from:    

Retention and growth of existing revenues

  • Satisfies a pent-up demand for mobile ticketing from consumers
  • Better access to tickets at face value prices generates loyalty from genuine fans and patrons 

New revenue streams

  • App marketplace drives sale of merchandise and ancillary services

  • The rules for resale of tickets are set by the event stakeholders, not the secondary market

 Reduced costs

  • Efficient digital production and distribution

  • Elimination of blanket photo ID security checks and fake tickets 

Enhanced PR image

  • Convenient and exciting new digital experience for fans  

  • Elimination of perceived abuses in the ticketing industry