See what the Tixserve App and technology can do


App Features

Tixserve has many features that enhance the user experience.

  • Map to venue.

  • Transport options: taxi, bus, flight.

  • Event schedule.

  • Link to merchandise store/ ticketing agent.

  • Spotify/ Apple music.

  • Food and drink recommendations.

and much more!


Ticket Transfer

If an event requires it, Tixserve provides a simple and secure ticketing transfer option.

Either transfer the ticket directly if they already have the app or send an automated message that will alert them to download the app.

Once sent, the recipient will have the ticket on their app, under their name.


How to Log in

The Tixserve log in process is simple and secure!

  1. Input your name and number.

  2. Enter security code.

You are now logged in!