What are the advantages of using our Digital tickets?


Fed up of printing out paper tickets? Tired of waiting for your tickets to arrive in your Inbox or in the post? Annoyed by box office collection queues?

Yes? So are we! Our secure digital tickets are delivered instantly to your smart phone or your friend’s smart phone.

Peace of mind

Your ticket cannot be lost, stolen or copied. This prevents ticket abuse and protects the artist and fans.

Faster Venue Access

Some high risk “ticket tout” events require fans to pass security checks for personal ID, paper ticket inspections and credit card proof of purchase, causing frustrating delays. Our fan friendly app technology is smart. We do not need to use this old fashioned security check associated with paper tickets.

Connect to the event

Our digital ticket can connect you to the event with exclusive content, merchandise, sales and event information announcements.

Why do I need to install the App?

The App allows anyone with an iPhone or Android phone to receive delivery of our digital tickets straight to their smart phone.

How do I register to use the App?

Install the app and open it. Enter just your name and mobile number to register and follow any security prompts. That’s all you need to do! Your app is then ready to receive your tickets.

How do I buy myself a digital ticket?

You buy a ticket in the normal way from your ticket agent’s website who is using the app for digital ticket delivery. 

On the ticket agent’s website, choose the digital ticket delivery option. When prompted enter the same name and mobile number that you used or will be using to register your app. Now check out and pay in the normal way. Tickets will then be delivered into your app.

How do you deliver my digital ticket to me?

We deliver tickets to anyone who has the app. If you already have the app, after you checkout on the ticket agent’s site, your ticket will be delivered instantly into your app.

If you don’t have the app already installed, don’t worry! You can still buy a ticket.

After checkout, we will send you an SMS message to the same mobile number you entered on the ticket agent’s site.

Follow the app download link in the SMS message. To get your ticket(s), just install the app and register with your name and mobile number. Easy!

Can I buy multiple tickets under my own name?

Yes! Each ticket you buy will carry your name on every ticket.

Can I transfer a ticket from my app to a friend?

Yes! You can send a ticket to anyone who has the app. Just select the “How to transfer a ticket” option from the app menu and follow the instructions. 

NOTE: To prevent ticket abuse, some high profile events may not allow instant app to app transfers.

In this case you can “Request a call back” from the ticket agent through the transfer button in the app. The ticket agent will then contact you by phone during business hours M-F to discuss your ticket transfer options. You must give at least 24hrs notice for a call back request. 

I don’t have an IOS or Android phone. Can I still buy a ticket?

Yes! The ticket agent will provide an old fashioned paper or PDF print at home ticket option. Alternatively, ask a friend who is using the app and are also going to the event to buy your ticket. Go together!

I am buying tickets for friends also. Why are all the tickets in my own name?

Don’t worry this is normal practice. Every ticket you buy will have your name on it and will be delivered into your app. You can then transfer tickets to friends who have the app.

Can I transfer tickets I am holding for friends to their mobile phone?

Yes! Tell your friends to download the app and register. You can then transfer a ticket to anyone who has the app. Just select the “How to transfer a ticket” option from the app menu and follow the instructions.

My friend does not have an iPhone or Android phone?

No worries! You can hold your friend’s ticket on your phone and go to the event together.

I have a ticket for a friend in my app. They are delayed, can I go into the venue without them?

Yes! Make sure you transfer the ticket to your friend before you go in.

What do I need to bring to the venue?

You need your mobile phone that has the App installed with your ticket(s). Bring some ID in case you are selected in a random security check.

My ticket has warned me that I have been selected for an ID check. What’s this?

Don’t worry this can happen to anyone, it’s not just you! For security purposes, our technology may select any ticket holder in a random security check at the venue. Just make sure you bring personal identification with you just in case you get selected.

Where is the QR code (entry code) on the ticket?

It is hidden for security purposes! When the countdown timer on your ticket reaches zero, the QR code will appear. Your ticket is now ready for entry. Normally the QR code will appear 2 hours before the venue opening time.

Can I use a screen shot to get in?

No! The QR code is dynamic and has a certain predefined behaviour.

A screen shot will not capture this.

I have no WIFI or phone connectivity. Will the QR code (entry code) activate to allow entry?

The QR code will appear on your ticket normally from 2 hours before the doors opening time. This gives you plenty of time to hit good connectivity on the way to the event, ensuring your QR code has activated before you arrive.

In the unlikely event where you were unable to get connectivity in the previous 2 hours before doors open, your ticket will not display the QR code.

Don’t worry! The app will recognise that you have no connectivity and prompt you to activate your QR code by scanning a “Ticket Activation Code”. This code is displayed at a visible position close to the venue entrance.

My battery is running low. I am afraid my phone will power off before my ticket is scanned at the entrance. What can I do?

Before your device powers off,  just transfer your ticket to anyone who is also using the app and go in with them.

I bought a new phone. How do I get the app back with my tickets?

Just download the app again on your new phone and enter the same name and mobile number you used initially. See “Change my Number” in the app main menu.

I have changed my mobile number. What do I need to do?

Insert your new SIM card into your phone.

Open the app and choose “Update phone number” from the main menu.

Provide the new phone number.

I accidentally deleted the app from my device. How do I get my tickets back?

Just download the app again on the same phone and provide your registered name and mobile number. You get your tickets back.

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