The Fan App


What are the advantages of using Tixserve digital tickets?


Your ticket cannot be lost, stolen or copied. This prevents fraud and protects the event and fans.


You don’t need to print your own tickets.

You can walk past box office collection queues.

You can forget about waiting for tickets to arrive by post.

You can transfer tickets to your friends.

Faster venue access

You no longer need to bring your credit card to the venue to prove you own your ticket.

Fan engagement

Your ticket is now your “go to” for information related to the event. You can view event maps, event information, offers, receive coupons and important event announcements.

How do I register to use the App?

Install the App and open it. Enter your name and mobile number to continue. You will receive a 4 digit security code by SMS. Just enter the code to finish registration.

How do I buy myself a digital ticket?

You buy a ticket in the normal way from the event ticket selling platform or event website.

During the check out process, when prompted enter the same name and mobile number that you used or will be using to register your App. Now check out and pay in the normal way. Tickets will then be delivered into your App.

How do you deliver my digital ticket to me?

If you already have the App, your tickets will be delivered into your App.

If you don’t have the App already installed, you will receive an SMS invite to the same mobile number you entered when buying tickets.

Follow the App download link in the SMS message. Install the App and register with your name and mobile number. Your tickets are then delivered into your App.

Can I buy multiple tickets under my own name?

Yes. Each ticket you buy will carry your name on every ticket.

Can I transfer a ticket from my App?

 Yes. If the transfer option has been enabled for the event, you can send tickets instantly to anyone who has the App. See the “How do I transfer a ticket?” option from the App menu.

Note: To prevent ticket abuse, some high profile events may not allow instant App to App transfers.

I don’t have an IOS or Android phone. Can I still buy a ticket?

The events ticketing platform may provide a paper or PDF print at home ticket option. Alternatively, ask a friend who is using the App and are also going to the event to buy your ticket. Go together.

I am buying tickets for friends also. Why are all the tickets in my own name?

Don’t worry this is normal practice. Every ticket you buy will have your name on it and will be delivered into your App. You can then transfer tickets to friends who have the App.

My friend does not have an iPhone or Android phone?

No worries. You can hold your friend’s ticket on your phone and go to the event together.

I have a ticket for a friend in my App. They are delayed, can I go into the venue without them?

Yes. Make sure you can transfer the ticket to your friend before you go in.

What do I need to bring to the venue?

You need your mobile phone that has the App installed with your ticket(s). Bring some ID in case you are selected in a random security check.

My ticket has warned me that I have been selected for an ID check. What’s this?

For security purposes, our technology may select any ticket holder for a random security check at the venue. Just make sure you bring personal identification with you just in case you get selected.

Where is there no entry code on the ticket?

We hide this for security purposes and to prevent fraud. When the countdown timer reaches zero the code will magically appear. Your ticket can now be scanned as normal.

Can I use a screen shot to get in?

No. When the entry code is displayed, it is dynamic and has a certain predefined behavior. A screen shot will not capture this.

I have no WIFI or phone connectivity. Will the entry code activate to allow entry?

The entry code will appear on your ticket normally from 2 hours before the venue opening time. This gives plenty of time to have had good connectivity on the way to the event, ensuring the code has activated before you arrive.

In the unlikely event where you were unable to get connectivity in the previous 2 hours before doors open, your ticket will not display the entry code.

Do not worry. We have this solved.

You App will recognise that you have no connectivity and will guide you to scan a “Ticket Activation Code” that will then unlock your entry code. This code is displayed at a visible position close to the venue entrance.

My battery is running low. I am afraid my phone will power off before my ticket is scanned at the entrance. What can I do?

Just transfer your ticket to anyone who is also using the App and go in with them.

Alternatively, ask a member of staff at the venue entrance and they will be able to confirm your ticket details.

I bought a new phone. How do I get the App back with my tickets?

Just download the app again on your new phone and enter the same name and mobile number you used initially. See “Change my Number” in the App main menu.

I have changed my mobile number. What do I need to do?

Insert your new SIM card into your phone.

Open the App and choose “Update phone number” from the main menu.

Provide the new phone number.

I accidentally deleted the App from my device. How do I get my tickets back?

Just download the App again on the same phone and provide your registered name and mobile number. You get your tickets back.

My App had tickets, but they are not in my App anymore?

This is for security reasons. You have no tickets as you have logged into the App with a different name.

Please ensure you log in with the same name that you assigned to your account in the first instance.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please contact the event ticket selling platform or event website for more information or you can contact us at info@tixserve.com.

Tixserve digital ticketing technology is Patent Pending.

Thank you.