What are the immediate advantages of using our digital ticket fulfilment platform for your event?


A Tixserve digital ticket cannot be lost, stolen or copied. This prevents ticket abuse from effecting your event and protects your customers.

All tickets are named, so you know who owns each ticket at any given time and you know who is coming to your event.

Depending on the type of event, high profile or low profile, you can set your own preferred security features on tickets relevant to that event.

New Revenue Streams

We believe a ticket should not just be a “ticket”.

Tixserve digital tickets offer you new m-commerce opportunities through the digital landscape in the ticket with a revenue share. Add sponsorship, coupons and advertising and reap the rewards.

Reduce Costs

You can now save money as there is no need to print paper tickets and dispatch them by post or courier.

Fan Engagement

Our platform offers clients the ability to communicate with their customers through push notifications and always be able to push new content to any event in real time.

What level of client support do you offer?

Client satisfaction and success is of paramount importance to us. Our client support is available during business hours Monday to Friday. We also offer 24/7 support depending on your events particular needs.

How much does it cost?

We have numerous pricing plans to suit your requirements. These include pay as you go and volume bundles. We offer revenue share with you within our tickets “digital canvas” meaning your ticket becomes a profit centre.

Where is my data stored?

You have full control over your customer data. We are fully GDPR compliant and can store your data in any geographical location you prefer to comply with location specific legislation and your preferences.

Do you supply staff training to use the Tixserve system?

We can provide in person system orientation to get you up to speed quickly. We also offer phone and e mail support. We can base our system orientation around your staff needs and flexibility.

Do Tixserve sell tickets?

No. Tixserve specialise in the “last mile” of digital ticket delivery. We believe our solution is the new industry standard for secure digital ticket fulfilment.

Can I use Tixserve without using a ticket selling platform?

Yes. Tixserve has a built in “Batch Delivery” file based module enabling digital ticket delivery to your customers smartphones.

I want to use the Tixserve platform with my existing ticket selling platform. What can I do?

We have a number of integrations into key ticket selling platforms both in Ireland and the UK. We also offer a friction less API connection that can be leveraged by any existing ticket selling platform or event web store. Please contact us and we will be happy to talk about your specific requirements.

Can I design my own digital ticket for my event?

Yes. The Tixserve digital ticket management system allows event creators to design bespoke tickets. You can add anything you like into the tickets “digital canvas”. This includes maps, images, event information, videos, coupons and sponsorship. The possibilities are endless.

How can I regulate ticket exchange?

The Tixserve system offers you full control over peer to peer transfers. The ticket transfer function can be enabled or disabled at any given time. You can track and trace the history of transfers on every ticket and also capture to whom a ticket was transferred and when.

You now have data on who exactly is attending your event.

Can I use the Tixserve system for customer support queries?

Yes. Your digital ticket management system allows full control for your team to support your customers queries. You get full transparency with details of when tickets were delivered, when your customer viewed tickets and when they entered the venue. The system also offers live ticket transfer and ticket deletion by your customer service team.

How easily can my customers get the App?

Very easily. Post check out, your customer will receive an SMS to their mobile phone. This SMS contains a link that will automatically bring your customer straight to the relevant App store appropriate to their device.

Tixserve specialise in delivery and do not bring any friction into the ticket buying process.

My customers bought tickets a few months ago. Will the App remind them when the event date is getting close?

You can set up automatic event notifications to ensure everyone is reminded to attend your event. You can even include a special message, announcement or offer in the reminder.

What options do you provide for ticket consumption at the venue?

Tixserve provide a Venue App that can be used on any Android smartphone. We supply the software for you to install. The Venue App also includes an online search option where names and numbers of ticket holders can be checked if required for onsite customer queries.

We have proven our digital ticket works with existing venue infrastructure including main stream handheld scanners and automatic turn styles used at major stadiums.

Are Tixserve’s digital ticketing technology solutions protected?

Yes. We have gone through a rigorous patent process to cover world territories including Europe and USA. Our technology is Patent Pending.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact us through our contact form on the main page.

We have lots more to tell you!