Why Tixserve Digital Tickets are Better for the Environment


At Tixserve, all our tickets are digital. Digital ticketing makes events easier and safer for organisers and customers, but it’s also better for the planet.

From the bathroom to the photocopier, we use a considerable amount of paper every day without even realising. Paper has to come from somewhere, and your single-use paper coffee cup could likely be adding to deforestation.

  • 40% of the worlds industrial logging goes towards paper manufacturing.

  • The paper and pulp industry is the 4th largest contributor of greenhouse gas in the world right now.

  • Paper products fill 16% of all landfill sites.

But, it’s not all negative! People are becoming more and more aware of their consumption and environmental impact. People are increasingly aware of the impacts meat production has on the planet, but many ignore how improper paper disposal releases methane back into the atmosphere too.

With all this knowledge in mind, Tixserve is proud to be providing 100% paperless ticketing.