How Tixserve are the leaders of ticket security


Since our launch in 2017, we have always emphasised the importance of safe, secure digital ticketing.

How traditional mobile solutions work:

Traditional ticketing apps work by displaying a static QR Code. The tickets are displayed in an app or alternatively can be saved into a non branded third party wallet. There are several disadvantages with this solution. It is easy to screenshot the QR Code and resell the tickets to multiple people. This makes ticket fraud and ticket touting easy.

traditional tickets.png

How a Tixserve powered ticket works:

The Tixserve solution encrypts and hides the tickets QR code from initially being displayed. The entry code will only be visible when a trigger is activated through the app at a secret time on the day of the event. This prevents ticket fraud, as there is no entry code to copy, and it hinders ticket touting as there is no entry code to sell.

In addition, when the ticket is automatically triggered to display, the entry code displayed has a predefined behavior associated with it. A screen shot will not capture this.


The Tixserve white label Software as a Service digital ticket fulfilment platform protects our clients, the venue, the artists and the fans.

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Rachel Eustace