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twenty one pilots tour with hmv

We caught up with the security staff at the Twenty One Pilots, Birmingham meet and greet. Here are some of their thoughts about Tixserve technology.


Its all about the fans! During our time working with hmv and Twenty One Pilots, the strong fan base that follows the band around the world became obvious. The band's growth was built on loyalty and involving the people who support them as much as possible. We constructed a short video that shows the super fans as they share their thoughts on Tixserve.


During the planning stages of the Twenty One Pilots meet and greets, Tixserve had a ticket give away for two lucky fans!

We ran a competition on our Twitter account which did extremely well. With over 10.5 k views, 600 retweets, 400 favorites it was clear the excitement that surrounded the UK meet and greets for this high profile band.

The high profile status of these 100% digital events meant that all tickets sold out within minutes. A few days later we were advised by loyal fans, that people were trying to sell some tickets for 1000% of the original ticket value. Thankfully due to our security feature of no entry code being displayed on the digital ticket until the morning of the event, fans were reluctant to buy these tickets. Tixserve then took more action and disabled the App to App ticket transfer function which resulted in zero tickets being sold on the secondary markets.

On the day of the events the security staff were able to quickly consume the tickets on each ticket holders smartphone by using the exclusive Tixserve secret Door Code. This meant no hand held scanners were needed on the day for ticket redemption. Watch the video below to find out more about this very unique Tixserve solution.


See what the Tixserve white label App can do


App Features

Tixserve has many features that enhance the user experience and protects our clients digital asset

  1. Hidden entry code - the ticket QR code will go live at a secret time thus preventing fraud

  2. Dynamic entry code - the tickets QR code will not allow screen shots

  3. Communication - engage with fans

  4. Interactive content - turns a ticket into a profit centre

and much more!


Ticket Transfer

Tixserve provides a simple ticket transfer option.

Fans can securely transfer tickets from app to app or send an automated message that will alert a friend to download the app to receive a ticket.

Once transferred, the recipient will have the ticket on their app, under their name.

For security reasons, the transfer function can be enabled or disabled at any time!


How to Log in

The Tixserve log in process is simple and super fast

  1. Input your name and number

  2. Enter the security code we send to you

If you have bought tickets they will automatically appear in your app.

If you log out, just repeat the above using the same name and number.