The security of the patent-pending Tixserve platform prevents ticket touting including large-scale harvesting of tickets by bots. This gives better access to tickets at face value prices for genuine fans and patrons.  Fraudulent duplication of tickets is also prevented.

A key point of  difference with existing paperless ticketing solutions is that the end-to-end security of the Tixserve system does not require slow and costly blanket checks of ticket holders' photo IDs or credit cards at venues.  




Tixserve tickets have been designed so they cannot be damaged, lost or copied. Even if a phone is lost, the battery runs out or there is no network signal, Tixserve has developed robust solutions to deal with these practical problems.  This gives everyone a stress-free mobile digital ticket experience.  



Tixserve technology allows the rights owner(s) of an event to permit ticket re-sale or not.  Any re-sale is controlled and regulated by the rights owner(s) via the configurable Tixserve platform. Unlike existing paper tickets, the secure Tixserve digital tickets cannot be re-sold or transferred without the permission of the rights owner(s).   



Because Tixserve tickets are digital there are no printing or associated back office costs.  It costs less than the price of a stamp to deliver them quickly and securely, directly to customers’ mobile phones.



Convenience and speed

It takes only a few seconds to deliver purchased tickets to the ticket wallet App. There is no need to wait on any postal or courier service . No need for print at home tickets or even carry paper tickets to an event. Simple, quick and convenient.


New revenue streams

The Tixserve wallet App is a white label product that can be quickly and easily integrated with existing ticket sellers’ systems. This enables event organisers to capture commercially valuable data from customers which can be used to generate new revenues from the sale of merchandise and other ancillary services.