Digital ticket distribution for live events

Tixserve enables creators of entertainment and sporting events to gain business benefits from next-generation mobile ticket fulfilment

You sell, we deliver!

Digital Ticket Distribution

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Benefits for our clients

Speed to Market

SPEED to market

Gain advantage over your competitors with an out of the box solution



End-to-end protection and control of your digital ticket assets stops fraud and abuse

Happy Customers

happy customers

Delight your customers with a convenient and engaging ticketing experience

Lower Costs

lower COSTs

No up-front capital investment for you and save money on ticket fulfilment

New Market Insights

new market insights

Know your customers and who actually attends each event

New Revenues

New revenues

Generate new revenue streams from digital marketing and commerce


Tixserve technology features

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Tixserve ecosystem 

The Tixserve Eco System

How it works


Digital Ticket Management System

The Tixserve portal give our clients complete control

  • Design superior digital tickets packed with content

  • Dispatch 1000's of tickets instantly

  • Regulate peer to peer ticket transfers

  • Know who attends your events

Digital Ticket Management System

Tixserve or White Label Fan App

Fan App - White label or Tixserve

The Tixserve powered App delivers next-gen digital tickets direct to smartphones

  • Ticket works off line

  • Engage through content and push notifications

  • Bullet proof security features

  • Seamless fan to fan ticket transfers


Venue Redemption Solutions

When it comes to getting fans in fast, Tixserve have it covered

  • Ticket entry code works with existing venue infrastructure

  • Venue App scanner also available, on multiple Android devices

  • App includes live ticket search help feature for door staff

Venue Redemption Solutions

Get Started with Tixserve

Get Started With Tixserve

You can gain the benefits of Tixserve technology instantly

  • Capture the mobile number of your customer who made a ticket purchase

  • Add these numbers into the Tixserve file based module to dispatch tickets digitally

  • Alternatively, Tixserve provide a post purchase API into any existing ticketing platform that will capture numbers and dispatch tickets automatically


Product sheet

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Fan App - FAQs

How do I register the App to get my tickets?

Install the App and open it. Enter your name and mobile number to continue. You will receive a 4 digit security code by SMS. Just enter the code to finish registration.

Why is there no entry code on the ticket?

We hide this for security purposes and to prevent fraud. At a secret time the entry code will automatically be displayed. Your ticket can now be scanned for entry.

Can I transfer a ticket from my App?

Yes. If the transfer option has been enabled for the event, you can send tickets instantly to anyone who has the App. See the “How do I transfer a ticket?” option from the App menu.


Client - FAQs

What levels of client support do you offer?

Our client support is available during business hours Monday to Friday. We also offer 24/7 support depending on your events particular needs. Client satisfaction and success is of paramount importance to us.

How much does it cost?

We have numerous pricing plans to suit your requirements. These include pay as you go and volume bundles. We offer revenue share with you within our tickets “digital canvas” meaning your ticket becomes a profit centre.

Where is my data stored?

You have full control over your customer data. We are fully GDPR compliant and can store your data in any geographical location you prefer to comply with location specific legislation and your preferences.


Leadership team

The Tixserve team is on a mission to add value to live events by digitising ticket distribution and enabling mobile marketing and commerce for event creators, business partners and ticket holders.


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