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Industry-leading digital ticketing

Without the need for additional hardware or technical capabilities

For any event sector, any size

A quick-to-market, lightweight and low-cost solution
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Sell your tickets as normal, deliver with

The Event Day App

A stand alone white-label event day app, built and branded as yours to deliver engaging and content-rich digital tickets. Monetise your brand, elevate the event-day experience and grow your audience.
  • Direct access to every ticket holder
  • Deliver & store tickets securely
  • Your brand in your customer's hand
  • Upsell, cross-sell and monetise

Management Portal

Add value and grow revenue. Tixserve’s self-service portal allows you to create and distribute interactive digital tickets, add merchandise offers and promotions, track real-time engagement and generate profit.
  • Capture real-time insights of your ticket holders
  • Reduce fulfilment costs and carbon footprints
  • Minimise workloads with rapid distribution
  • Design stunning bespoke and interactive digital tickets

Distribution Portal

Secure ticket distribution at your fingertips. Instantly share ticket allocations through Tixserve’s intuitive self-service dashboard for sponsors, clubs, artists, visiting teams and other stakeholders.
  • Ensure fair and secure ticket allocations
  • Simplify the ticket allocation process
  • Bring transparency with traceability & data
  • Eliminate traditional ticket distribution costs


Bring seamless entry to events with universal access control. Our solution works with your existing infrastructure or download Tixserve’s scan app to enable safe and speedy venue entry.
  • No need for costly infrastructure upgrades
  • Remove the use of clipboards at VIP areas
  • Create a personalised experience
  • Speed up entry with group or sole scanning

Don't just take our word for it...

"Emedia has always been firmly focused on their clients' brand taking centre stage and control of their ticketing. This coincides with Tixserve's ability to maximise value and place a brand directly into fans' hands. The flexible white-label event ticketing app will create event engagement from the moment a patron enters the buying process to when tickets are delivered to ticket holders, effectively creating a two-way connection with the patron that goes beyond traditional ticketing check in."
Steve Scherri
Managing Director, Emedia Campaigns
"The user-friendly solution delivered by Tixserve provides a robust digital ticket and has also opened up access to data in order to provide key operational messages to all attendees and offers future commercial opportunities."
Matthew Clarke
Ticketing Manager, Welsh Rugby Union
"We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Using Tixserve has given us the control we need to manage ticket distribution in-house."
Simon Winter
Senior Events Manager, HMV
"The Distribution Portal has proved to be an invaluable tool allowing us to distribute tickets digitally to key stakeholders."
Steve Kitcher
Head of Ticketing, Rugby Football Union
"It's all about getting the fans in through the gate as easy and quickly as possible, and improving the experience for both the fans and the event organisers; and we feel that digital ticketing has done that."
John Hyland
Founder, Clubspot
"Tixserve has become an integral part of not only the supporters' matchday experience but also our own digital and data strategy internally. The insight on who's attending matches is invaluable to us and our sponsors. Also of equal importance is the feedback we get from Twickenham Stadium app users, which has been extremely positive, so we know our supporters are pleased with it too."
Steve Kitcher
Head of Ticketing, Rugby Football Union
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Seamless integrations with your third-party providers

Ticket-Selling Platforms → Messaging → CRM → Data Analysis → 
Ticket-Selling Platforms → Messaging → CRM → Data Analysis → 
Messaging → CRM → Data Analysis → Ticket-Selling Platforms → 
Messaging → CRM → Data Analysis → Ticket-Selling Platforms → 
Data Analysis → Ticket-Selling Platforms → Messaging → CRM → 
Data Analysis → Ticket-Selling Platforms → Messaging → CRM → 

Tixserve gives you more

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Solve ticketing challenges
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Yield results you never dreamed of
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Easily manage distribution
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Boost revenue with e-commerce
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Communicate directly with fans
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Provide ticket flexibility


How long does it take to move to digital ticketing?

Moving to digital ticketing with Tixserve takes just a few weeks to set up and rollout. There is little training or expertise required and fans love the simplicity of the app. Learn more about moving to digital ticketing here.

Does Tixserve supply training?

Tixserve supplies one-to-one training and assistance during your entire digital transformation journey. We continue to closely support you during the rollout and beyond.

How much does digital ticketing cost?

Tixserve supplies a commercial model structure suitable to every client's business needs and requirements based on technologies and services.

What ticket-selling platforms are Tixserve integrated with?

Tixserve is integrated with mainstream ticket-selling platforms. You may be pleased to hear we are already integrated with your ticket-selling platform.

How do fans receive their digital tickets?

After fans buy their tickets, they will be asked to download the Tixserve-powered white label ticketing app from the App Store or Google Play. Once fans have registered their app account, their ticket(s) will appear.

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