<span class="subheading-medium">Ticket Management</span>

<span class="heading-xhuge">Distribution</span>

<span class="heading-medium">Intuitive, robust and reliable ticket fulfilment</span>

Create stunning content-rich interactive tickets with Tixserve's Digital Ticket Editor.

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Distribute thousands of tickets instantly, ensuring they get to their purchaser.

Observe lifecycle activities and know when tickets have been delivered.

Manage customer queries instantly & hassle-free.

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Cut down on workloads with instant ticket creation, management and distribution.

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Allocate tickets to clubs, sponsors and stakeholders quickly and easily and reap the benefits of the Distribution Portal.

Delight sponsors
Ticket-selling platform integrations
Proven at scale
Maximise ticket efficiency
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Transform your event ticketing

Amplify event engagement and your bottom line through an event day ticketing app
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Digital Ticketing for Every Event

For ticketing professionals, marketing professionals, commercial professionals, and sponsors.


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Can sponsors distribute their allocated tickets using Tixserve?

Sponsors, clubs, visiting teams and any other stakeholders who distribute ticket allocations to fans can reap all the benefits of Tixserve's digital ticketing solution.

Can I use Tixserve without an integration?

Yes, Tixserve offers an easy way of distributing tickets without an integration. This method can also be used before Tixserve integrates with the ticket-selling platform.

Does Tixserve sell tickets?

Tixserve is focused on the 'last mile' of ticketing. We integrate with your ticket-selling platform to streamline ticket fulfilment / delivery and reduce costs.

What types of tickets can Tixserve distribute?

Tixserve distributes all types of event tickets, including season tickets, hospitality tickets, VIP tickets and car parking passes.

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