<span class="subheading-medium">Fan Engagement</span>

<span class="heading-xhuge">Commerce</span>

<span class="heading-medium">Amplify your bottom line through dynamic digital ticketing</span>

Capitalise on digital tickets by upselling and cross-selling from the moment tickets are delivered.

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Open a direct link to audiences with instant messaging.

Maximise value and fan engagement → putting your brand in fans' hands.

Work with sponsors for more profitable interactions.

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Make sweeter promos with targeted marketing delivered at the right time.

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Grow addressable audiences with personalisation and attract fans to return for more.

Fan commerce
Push notifications
Real-time updates
Targeted marketing
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Transform your event ticketing

Amplify event engagement and your bottom line through an event day ticketing app
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Digital Ticketing for Every Event

For ticketing professionals, marketing professionals, commercial professionals, and sponsors.


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Can I boost event revenue with digital tickets?

Yes, Tixserve's digital tickets allow event organisers to upsell, cross-sell, advertise and promote any products, services and upcoming events - transforming ticketing from a cost centre into an active profit centre.

Can event marketing teams reap the benefits of the digital ticketing solution?

Tixserve's digital tickets become a new direct and dynamic marketing channel for event organisers. Marketers can design the dynamic ticket canvas with marketing-related content to grow addressable audiences.

What content can be added to the digital tickets?

Tixserve digital tickets are fully dynamic, allowing any event-related or exclusive content to be added and updated to engage fans before, during and after event day.

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