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<span class="heading-xhuge">Data</span>

<span class="heading-medium">Know each and every attendee at your event</span>

Capture clean, accurate and verified data of every ticket holder in real-time

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Drive business decisions, grow brand loyalty and increase spectator attendance.

Make live events safer knowing every attendee and where they're seated on event day.

Maximise marketing potential and grow addressable audiences.

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Integrate with your CRM platform for a deeper understanding of ticket holders and loyal fans.

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Personalise and transform fans' event experience.

Data ownership
GDPR compliant
Individual app registration
Verified ticket holder information
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Transform your event ticketing

Amplify event engagement and your bottom line through an event day ticketing app
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Digital Ticketing for Every Event

For ticketing professionals, marketing professionals, commercial professionals, and sponsors.


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How is ticket holder data collected?

Ticket holder data is collected through individual app registration.

Why is ticket holder data collected?

Ticket holder data is collected to:

  1. Make live events safer
  2. Allow event organisers to know their customers
  3. Hinder ticket fraud
  4. Enhance the live experience for fans
  5. Allow event organisers to grow addressable audiences and make better business decisions.
Can event marketing teams reap the benefits of the digital ticketing solution?

Tixserve's digital tickets become a new direct and dynamic marketing channel for event organisers. Marketers can design the dynamic ticket canvas with marketing-related content to grow addressable audiences.

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