The leadership team


Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together


Tixserve co-founders were turned away from a Rolling Stones concert due to fraudulent paper tickets.

This bitter experience inspired both men to research the associated problems in the ticketing industry.

They then built a quality team and a solution that not only prevents fraud, but fast tracks event ticketing into the digital age.

Pat Kirby

Pat Kirby
Co-Founder and Managing Director

“Paper tickets can easily be duplicated and resold. Tixserve offers bullet proof security features that protect the digital assets of event creators and rights owners while giving fans peace of mind.”

David McCarthy

Simon Goodale
Client and Event Management

“The ticketing industry has not changed much since Roman times. Tixserve have brought ticketing into the 21st Century in style. ”

James Kirby

James Kirby
Co-Founder and Product Lead

“Our secret to success with Tixserve was not only in creating a superior digital ticketing delivery platform but also solving the “What if?” scenarios such as no network coverage, dead batteries and lost phones.”


David Mc Carthy
Chief Technology Officer

“The attraction of Tixserve for me was the game changing power of the platform and the teams global ambition.”


Chris Walsh

Chris Walsh
Graphic Design

“Tixserve don’t just deliver a secure ticket. We deliver a digital commerce weapon that puts your brand into your customers hands.”

Brian O’Shea

Andrew Dunne
Product Design

“The attraction of joining Tixserve for me was to be able to freely apply my passion for product design into every project and immediately see the results with very positive feedback from users.”

David McCarthy

Rachel Eustace
Digital Media and Marketing

“Joining Tixserve for me was the opportunity to ensure our clients capture the pent up demand for digital ticketing that satisfies the expectations of the Instagram digital generation.”



Tim Chambers

“It no longer makes sense to rely solely on paper tickets, especially when you look at the tremendous capabilities of a secure Tixserve digital ticket.”