<span class="subheading-medium">Ticket Delivery</span>

<span class="heading-xhuge">Security</span>

<span class="heading-medium">Make ticket delivery and tracking seamless</span>

Tixserve delivers tickets instantly leaving no room for tickets getting lost in the post.

girl in a queue to enter a music festival looking at her phone to prepare her digital ticket

Know where every ticket goes with real-time insights and traceability.

Hinder fraud by preventing duplicate tickets.

Instantly recognise suspicious activity.

scanning a digital ticket for event entry

Control ticket transfers, QR codes and content from one place.

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Ensure fans access genuine tickets and gain seamless entry on event day.

Patented security features
Protected QR code
Works with existing access control
Verified ticket holder information
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Transform your event ticketing

Amplify event engagement and your bottom line through an event day ticketing app
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Digital Ticketing for Every Event

For ticketing professionals, marketing professionals, commercial professionals, and sponsors.


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Can Tixserve hinder ticket fraud at large-scale events?

Yes, Tixserve prevents potential ticket abuse from impacting large-scale live events and their customers through patented technology.

Can Tixserve digital tickets be screenshot or duplicated?

No, Tixserve has patented security features that deters ticket duplication and screenshots.

Are Tixserve digital tickets more secure than paper tickets?

Tixserve's digital tickets are more secure than paper tickets. This is because event organisers now have a clear insight of every ticket's lifecycle and activity, giving them more transparency.

Can Tixserve's secure digital tickets make live events safer?

Enabling event organisers to know every attendee at their venue means that Tixserve's digital tickets are assisting with making live events safer.

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