Building a richer sponsor proposition for event organisers

Discover how Tixserve transforms event sponsorship with targeted marketing, enhanced engagement, measurable ROI and innovative brand activations.
Apr 25, 2024

In the live events space, sponsors are seeking more than just visibility; they crave meaningful connections and tangible returns on their investment.

Here's how Tixserve helps:

Targeted Marketing Opportunities 

Gone are the days of spray-and-pray marketing. With access to Tixserve’s accurate and comprehensive customer data, event organisers can offer highly targeted marketing opportunities to sponsors. By understanding attendee demographics, preferences and behaviours, organisers can tailor sponsorship packages to specific segments, maximising the relevance and impact of sponsor messaging.

Enhanced Engagement

Say goodbye to passive sponsorships. Tixserve's digital ticketing solution empowers sponsors to engage directly with event attendees before, during and after the event. Through the innovative event ticketing app, sponsors can deliver personalised content, promotions and offers, fostering authentic connections with attendees and increasing brand engagement.

Measurable ROI

In the world of sponsorship, ROI isn’t just a buzzword–it’s a necessity. Tixserve's flexible digital ticketing solution provides event organisers and sponsors with robust reporting capabilities and analytics integrations, allowing them to track the effectiveness of sponsor activations in real-time. From tracking click-through rates on sponsored content to analysing conversions and post-event engagement metrics, sponsors gain invaluable insights into the ROI of their sponsorship investment, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimisation.

Brand Activation Opportunities 

Tixserve's event ticketing app offers innovative brand activation opportunities for sponsors to showcase their brand in unique and memorable ways. Whether through interactive experiences or exclusive content, sponsors can create immersive brand experiences that resonate with event attendees and leave a lasting impression.

Sponsorship / Ad Space 

Tixserve's solution offers event organisers the flexibility to incorporate sponsorship elements into their digital tickets. From in-app branding to affiliate links, the solution enhances the value proposition for sponsors - creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.