Achieving full transparency on ticket allocations with digital tickets

Ticket allocations to clubs, sponsors, visiting teams is a wonderful way to increase ticket sales, but with it comes workload - reduce it with digital tickets.
Jul 19, 2022

As a ticketing professional, ticket allocations to clubs, sponsors, visiting teams, promoters, guest lists and other stakeholders is a wonderful way for assisting with and increasing event’s ticket sales.

Although the workload involved in distributing and managing these ticket allocations can be time-consuming for ticketing teams - particularly mid-event-season. Moreover, when tickets are allocated to stakeholders, event organisers lose insights of who their actual ticket holders are.

At Tixserve, we've built a unique solution designed specifically for stakeholders as a powerful add-on to the digital ticketing app solution that:

  1. Simplifies stakeholders’ ticket distribution process and boosts productivity,
  2. Gives ticketing teams full visibility of their tickets’ lifecycles,
  3. Captures the data of these ticket holders to fully know and understand their audiences,
  4. Allows ticketing teams to make updates and manage these tickets post-distribution,
  5. Eliminates traditional ticket distribution costs, and
  6. Ensures fair ticket allocations.

We provide a self-service web-based solution that’s easy to use for all - meaning no IT experience or training is required for stakeholders and visiting teams. Connected to the back-end of the client’s Management Portal, multiple groups of tickets are allocated in just a few clicks, giving the client real-time data and insights.

Convenience and Productivity for All Involved

This unique ticket allocation solution brings convenience and drives productivity for all involved. Tixserve streamlines the ticket allocation process by removing the heavy-duty work of printing, packaging, assigning and distributing these tickets.

The digital tool lets you allocate / send multiple groups of tickets all at once, and stakeholders instantly receive them to their dashboard. From here, stakeholders can digitally distribute their allocated tickets to fans at ease - arriving securely, efficiently and instantly to ticket holders’ digital ticketing app.

There’s no more waiting for tickets to deliver via postage and no risk of tickets being lost in the process. It’s convenient, productive, and not-to-mention, sustainable.

Accurate Customer Data and Ticket Transparency

With this ticket distribution solution, gone are the days of having little to no insight of ticket holders, recurring customers, loyal fans and attendees. It means the data of every ticket holder is captured - including those who receive tickets via ticket transfers.

Event organisers generate newfound insights of where their tickets go to between the early stages of ticket distribution right up to event day.

In terms of venue safety and security, this data is crucial nowadays for knowing every attendee; but the data also brings other benefits like driving better business decisions and bringing further marketing opportunities.

music concert with fans watching excitedly
Know every event attendee

Respectively, the given data and transparent view of every ticket lifecycle means that fair ticket allocations can be managed efficiently - particularly for visiting sports teams who expect fair ticket allocations to their fans.

Ticket Management and Control

Along with ticket transparency, this solution gives clients the ability to efficiently manage and take control of their tickets post-distribution. If last-minute event changes take place, these tickets can be updated instantly through the system without needing to publicly request all ticket holders to return their tickets in exchange for new, updated ones. Clients are given peace of mind knowing that:

  • every ticket holder has been updated with the new information;
  • no tedious workload is experienced in the exchange; and
  • bogus tickets cannot end up on the secondary market.

Alternatively, given the real-time visibility this add-on solution gives clients on their allocated tickets, they can also instantly recognise and control any suspicious activity being attempted by these ticket holders. Ticket transfers can be disabled and tickets can be made inactive by the client in real-time - helping to hinder any attempted ticket fraud and touting.

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