How data from digital tickets can drive growth for live events in 2023

Event organisers have reset and reassessed what's being done well and how they can drive new opportunities. Data is king and digital tickets help - here's how
Sep 8, 2022

Event organisations are rapidly evaluating their offerings to discover how to attract and retain new and younger audiences to live sporting events. Along with this, smaller grassroots music venues and sports organisations have been trying to stay afloat since the return of full-capacity events in early 2022. Knowing how to regenerate and grow recurring audiences is key to succeeding in this busy industry. But how exactly can this be done, and how can organisations pursue growth in 2023?

The answer is data.

Customer data is helping organisations to know and understand their customers, drive better business decisions, and develop new and powerful marketing opportunities.

Despite every organiser's knowledge of how important data is, there still lies a gap in collecting customer data accurately. This gap lies in the post-ticket-purchase process.

With the usual occurrence of fans buying tickets for groups of family and friends - or when tickets are resold and passed on - event organisers only know a significantly low percentage of their attendees on event day.

So, with Tixserve focusing solely on the 'last mile' of ticketing, i.e. ticket delivery, we make sure you know who exactly every customer is. Through our digital ticketing app, we collect accurate and verified data of every ticket holder that helps you build new and transformational opportunities for your event business.

What data is collected through the digital ticketing app?

We surface key information about ticket holders through individual account registration on every digital ticketing app.

It collects clean data that’s instantly accessible and verified, and updates in real-time when tickets are transferred to others. From here, event organisers can integrate this new, verified data into their CRM system and data analysis software for deeper insights.

Organisers from across all event sectors - from large sporting brands, stadiums, music venues, arenas, promoters, and rights holders, to grassroots venues and sports organisations - can now access accurate, detailed information about their customers, loyal fans, audience demographics, buying behaviours and event interests.

Data collected at every moment

Before Event Day

Individual ticket holder information in real-time

To access the event tickets, every customer registers their new digital tickets app; and every time a ticket is transferred or resold, this new person's data is also captured.

From the original ticket purchaser, to any transfers, and to the actual event attendee, an incredibly large database is created for the event organiser which can benefit the entire organisation.

On Event Day

Knowing every attendee and where they're seated

Knowing every attendee inside the event and where exactly they're seated is very valuable for a number of reasons. Health and safety, security, and overall, peace of mind for organisers, stewards and spectators.

After Event Day

Feedback generation

To understand customers' needs and to discover how your events can improve, in-app event surveys are highly efficient for gathering the information you desire. Rather than being sent out via email with little to no return, the digital tickets app and its push notifications can help increase the number of responses - particularly as they are sent out to your precise attendee database.

Opportunities data brings to live events

With the entire organisation benefiting from this new, clean customer data - some which include business development, ticketing, marketing, operations, to name just a few - the opportunities are endless.

  • Understand how to grow customer retention
  • Dive deeper into where organisations need to focus their attention
  • Justify future business decisions
  • Grow addressable audiences
  • Attract sponsors who can also get crystal clear insights on consumer behaviour

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