Digital ticketing and sports events: A transformation serving the live experience

Digital ticketing at sports events is transforming the live experience and sponsorship activations. An event platform opening the door to new opportunities...
Apr 4, 2023

4 ways sports brands can bring more to the spectator experience

Sports brands and fans are interacting in new and different ways on and off the field.

The model for operating a stadium is being flipped on its head as fans demand more of an immersive experience on matchday. To do this, stadiums must champion themselves as not just a place for competitive sports, but as a new technological platform that can:

  • facilitate new business, and
  • open the door to new revenue streams.

The orientation of a fan towards a sporting event is based on excitement, a need for socialisation, and a need for knowledge in the sport followed. The "I was there" thrown into a conversation that fuels unique memories.

What effect does digital ticketing have on all of this and how does digital ticketing come into play? Digital ticketing at sports events is disrupting the live experience and sponsorship activations - an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.

The whole micro-event sphere that stems from and contributes to the fan experience is being transformed as digital event ticketing captivates all areas in the sports organisation. Not only ticketing teams, but commercial, business development, operations, and marketing teams (to name a few) are all drawn in by its opportunities.

1. Digital ticketing as a marketing and engagement channel

A fan on their way to a game discovers that their digital ticket gives them access to exclusive food and beverage offers for early stadium entry. Getting fans into the stadium two to three hours before kick-off adds greater lengths of excitement and entertainment from being around other buzzing fans - while the stadium's matchday F&B sales significantly increase.

Tailored marketing and unique matchday content delivered directly into every spectators' hands influences the exclusivity and connection that they desire. How their event ticketing app lets them benefit from significant discounts to the stadiums' F&B outlets, official merchandise stores, hotel accommodation offers, and exclusive access to tickets for upcoming events. These surprise-and-delight moments that cling onto how they portray the matchday experience is certainly in demand for all age groups.

Attracting younger audiences to live sports is shaped by the wide choice of content available on the digital tickets app. Boosting fan engagement during the event with advertisements, event content and videos - all through one interactive app - contribute to the industry's most exciting innovation.

2. Experience enhancements and activations

Experiences that begin with receiving the digital ticket and last long after the event are the driving forces of these symbiotic relationships.

In the fan's journey, digital tickets simplify and enhance the 'pre-event' part, but indeed they also contribute to the 'during' part - the live experience.

Giving fans direct access to venue details, seating locations, insights to the team they support, matchday programmes, real-time updates, stats, replays and other amenities, all contribute to the unique experience they're thriving for.

Fans want a more rewarding live experience too. Offering repeat customers promotions or unique experiences becomes easy with a white label digital ticketing app.

That "fear of missing out" momentum built from the exclusive access to content and special offers, combined with a tremendous day out with friends and family, beats the idea of staying at home and can influence the attraction of becoming a loyal customer or season ticket holder once and for all.

3. Facilitating direct access to customers

Digital event ticketing apps fuel vast numbers of accurate customer data. Utilising that data to drive value can make the sports brand and live experience unique from others.

Real-time event updates for the fan, operational messages, and important information shared directly to their phone builds a sense of connectivity. Plus, keeping spectators informed and aware of the event's latest updates or news drives confidence, convenience and efficiency for them.

4. Driving incremental revenues

Digital tickets are making the purchase process for food, drinks, merchandise and other products and services seamless. How? Mobile commerce.

Transforming event tickets into a profit centre, the digital tickets become an interactive, engaging marketplace where fans can buy products and services tailored exclusively to them, the spectator.

Through affiliate marketing, sports organisations and sponsors can grow incremental revenues through this direct sales stream before, during and after matchday.

Whether its food and beverage ordering, click-and-collect services, or limited-time-only offers, the demand for convenient purchasing is there.


Digital ticketing, coupled with a special matchday atmosphere, is offering more and more opportunities for both internal and external stakeholders at live sporting events. Redefining the live experience while enhancing the relationship between the fan and the sports brand is transformational.

As sports brands carefully consider their future investments on ways to attract new and loyal audiences to live sporting events, digital event ticketing is supplying these activations.

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