Driving fan engagement: Strategies for leveraging Tixserve to create meaningful connections with attendees

Explore how Tixserve digital ticketing enhances fan engagement: personalised pre-event communication, seamless entry, real-time updates and actionable insights.
May 16, 2024

Creating meaningful connections with attendees using Tixserve digital ticketing brings strategic engagement opportunities before, during and after the event. Let’s explore how event organisers can leverage Tixserve for enhanced fan engagement.

Before the event

Personalised pre-event communication

Utilise Tixserve’s quality data insights to send personalised messages and updates to attendees based on their preferences and past interactions.

Exclusive pre-event content

Use Tixserve to share behind-the-scenes footage, event previews or team sheets to build excitement and anticipation leading up to the event.

Interactive engagement takes centre stage

Incorporate interactive elements within the event ticketing app such as polls or surveys to gather valuable ticket holder insights and preferences, enhancing attendee involvement before the event kicks off. 

During the event

Enhanced event experiences

Enable seamless entry and way-finding with Tixserve’s digital ticketing, minimising wait times and ensuring a smooth start to the event. 

Branded experience

Utilise Tixserve’s white-label offering for a cohesive, branded experience that reinforces your event’s identity throughout the ticketing and event journey. 

Instant notifications

Send real-time updates on in-stadia schedules, merchandise offers, and more, enhancing the overall event experience. 

After the event

The engagement doesn’t end when the event does:

Post-event surveys 

Collect valuable actionable feedback and insights through in-app surveys - leveraging Tixserve’s push notifications for higher response rates compared to traditional methods - to understand attendee satisfaction and areas for improvement. 

Community growth

Build ongoing connections and discussions among attendees, keeping the community engaged year-round. Offer incentives, such as discounts on future events, to encourage attendees to become loyal fans. 

Data-driven insights

Leverage Tixserve’s analytics to gain deeper insights into attendee behaviour and preferences, informing future event strategies and personalised outreach.

Tixserve empowers event organisers to create immersive, interactive and data-driven experiences that leave a lasting impact on attendees. From personalised communication to real-time engagement and community building, Tixserve is your ticket to driving meaningful connections. Let’s elevate your event experience together.