Embracing the future: Event technology trends and the rise of white label digital ticketing apps

White label digital ticketing apps are reshaping the live events industry - bringing the tools to complement existing processes and customer relationships
Jun 21, 2023

For event organisers looking to streamline their processes, save costs and deliver exceptional experiences at their live events, it's vital to stay ahead of the curve. As trends and technologies continue to reshape the live events industry, white label digital ticketing apps are standing out as a game-changer, offering capabilities that go beyond what is typically provided by Apple or Google Wallet - the tools to complement existing processes and customer relationships.

Let's delve into the realm of event technology trends and shed light on the transformative power of white label digital ticketing apps.


The shift towards mobile-centric experiences has significantly impacted the way live events are organised and attended, leading to the rise of mobile / digital ticketing at live events.

As technology continues to shape our lives, attendees crave convenience and simplicity. Digital ticketing apps offer a seamless experience for attendees to access their event tickets with detailed information at any time, anywhere, right from their mobile devices.

These mobile-first efficiencies are bringing direct-to-consumer access for event organisers. With a dedicated white label digital ticketing app, event organisers can place their brand right into their customers' hands for increased exposure, richer sponsor proposition, fan engagement opportunities and direct communication. This enhanced branding flexibility surpasses the possibilities of standard digital wallets.

Data-driven insights and personalisation

Digital ticketing apps bring forth a wealth of data-driven insights that event organisers can leverage to their advantage and personalise their customers' ticketing and event experience.

The ability to know every customer at the stadium or venue and owning that data is proving transformational for event organisers. This data includes demographics, preferences and engagement patterns.

"We're not dealing with the lead purchasers anymore, we're dealing with our seated customers."

- Kerry Halliday, Head of Group Ticketing and Customer Engagement, Scottish Rugby.

These data-driven insights enable event organisers to make informed decisions, refine their event strategies and deliver highly targeted and personalised experiences. By analysing ticket holder data, event organisers can identify trends, understand attendee behaviour, and tailor marketing efforts to effectively engage their target audience via the app. Ultimately, they can create an engaging and customised experience specific to their audience type, which can generate a sense of exclusivity and connection; and create experiences that leave a lasting impact and impression.

"You're speaking directly to your fans and you can do that through the base of your ticket, through push notifications, and you can tailor your tickets depending on whether it's an under 18 or an adult ticket."

- Kerry Halliday, Head of Group Ticketing and Customer Engagement, Scottish Rugby.

Moreover, these insights enable event organisers to optimise operations, monitor ticket activity and make timely adjustments to maximise revenue potential.

These capabilities scale beyond the basic ticket storage functionalities of digital wallets and unlock the potential for optimising operations and maximising revenue.

Integration with event technology

Digital ticketing solutions are increasingly integrated with other event technologies such as CRM systems, data analytics and marketing automation tools - to name a few.

The integration allows for:

  • seamless data flow;
  • enhances operational efficiency;
  • provides a holistic view of attendees;
  • maximises marketing efforts; and
  • enables organisations to make better business decisions.

It also facilitates real-time data updates that ensure event organisers have access to accurate and up-to-date ticket holder information at any given time.

Ultimately, the integration of digital ticketing with other event technology solutions empowers event organisers to deliver a more streamlined and immersive event experience while complementing their processes and strengthening attendee satisfaction.

Enhanced security features

As the use of white label digital ticketing apps continue to rise within the live events industry, one notable trend is the incorporation of its enhanced security features.

In an era where data privacy and fraud prevention are paramount, event organisers are leveraging advanced technologies to ensure secure ticketing experiences.

Digital ticketing applications offer robust security measures such as protected QR codes, encryption techniques and real-time ticket activation to safeguard tickets and provide peace of mind for event organisers. Furthermore, digital ticketing solutions allow for real-time monitoring and tracking, enabling event organisers to identify any suspicious activity and take immediate action. Such functionality is not possible with standard digital wallet applications.

By utilising these enhanced security features, event organisers can foster trust amongst attendees, protect their brand reputation and create a secure environment that provides safety and satisfaction for all participants.

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities

Digital ticketing applications open up exciting opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products or services to ticket holders before, during and after event day. Unlike smartphone wallets, event organisers can promote additional services through the app to boost revenue potential and enhance the attendee experience.

By strategically promoting additional products, services and upgrades through post-purchase communications and in-app content, event organisers can offer ticket holders a range of options to enhance their event journey. Whether it's VIP experiences, premium seating, merchandise bundles or exclusive add-ons, digital ticketing provides a seamless and convenient platform to showcase these offerings.

Furthermore, event organisers can collaborate with sponsors, vendors or relevant businesses to offer in-app promotions, bundled packages or exclusive discounts, creating win-win scenarios where both organisers and partners benefit from increased exposure and revenue generation.

By capitalising on upselling and cross-selling opportunities, event organisers can not only increase their revenue but also provide attendees with a tailored and customised experience that elevates their event journey and fosters long-term loyalty.

Real-time communication and updates

Digital ticketing apps have revolutionised real-time communication and updates to ticket holders. Event organisers can seamlessly connect with their customers and deliver timely updates, announcements and important event information. Through digital ticketing apps, event organisers can send push notifications directly to attendees' devices, ensuring they receive the latest updates instantly. Whether it's changes in event schedules, venue information or special promotions, real-time communication keeps attendees informed and engaged. Furthermore, event organisers, can leverage digital ticketing solutions to personalise these updates based on ticket holder preferences or demographics, creating a more tailored and engaging experience.

The ability to provide real-time communication and updates not only enhances ticket holder satisfaction but also improves operational efficiency. Event organisers can quickly and effectively communicate important information, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall experience.


In conclusion, the live events industry is witnessing a significant shift with the rise of white label digital ticketing apps and its event technology trends. Digital ticketing apps have transformed the way event organisers engage with attendees, drive revenue growth and streamline operations. From personalised experiences and data-driven insights to enhanced security features and upselling opportunities, digital ticketing apps have proven to be a game-changer. As event organisers embrace this technology, they can unlock the full potential of attendee-centric events, leveraging real-time communication, fan engagement, marketing and seamless integrations with other event technology solutions.

By staying at the forefront of event technology trends and harnessing the power of white label digital ticketing apps, event organisers can create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact, driving attendee satisfaction and, ultimately, event success.