Empowering event organisers: The revenue boost and cost-efficiency of Tixserve digital ticketing solution

How Tixserve's digital ticketing solution maximises revenue, streamlines operations, and enhances sponsorship propositions with actionable data insights.
Apr 10, 2024

Traditionally, ticketing has been a cornerstone of event organisation, but the advent of digital technologies has opened up new avenues for organisers to explore. 

While event organisers are continually innovating to drive revenue and streamline operations, this is where Tixserve steps in. 

Tixserve’s comprehensive digital ticketing solution is more than just a means of delivering tickets digitally. It empowers event organisers with a suite of tools and capabilities to unlock previously untapped revenue streams through targeted promotions, strategic upselling opportunities, and personalised in-app offerings tailored to individual attendees. 

By streamlining the ticketing process and eliminating the inefficiencies associated with traditional methods such as printing and manual distribution, Tixserve helps organisers enhance cost efficiency, ensuring that resources are allocated optimally to drive maximum returns.

Unleashing revenue potential

Tixserve’s event day ticketing app provides organisers with powerful tools to implement targeted promotions and strategic upselling opportunities. By leveraging data insights, event organisers can personalise offers to maximise revenue before, during and on event day. Whether it’s enticing pre-event promotions, exclusive in-stadia offers, or impulse purchase opportunities, Tixserve enables organisers to capitalise on every revenue-generating possibility.

Success Story: The Football Association of Wales witnessed a substantial boost in revenue, generating £12.7k for every 29,000 tickets sold while saving £7.3k in traditional ticket fulfilment costs.

Cost-efficiency redefined

Tixserve eliminates the need for traditional ticket fulfilment processes, such as printing and manual distribution, significantly reducing workload and costs. Event organisers can save up to 25% on ticket fulfilment and up to 35% on Season Ticket fulfilment. Moreover, by embracing digital ticketing, event organisers align with sustainability goals, appealing to modern audiences and reducing their environmental footprint. 

Success Story: Scottish Rugby have now removed (their previously required) overtime hours on the week leading up to matchday. On match day itself, queues at the ticket office have been eliminated. This has enhanced staff productivity and has enabled ticketing staff to focus on other match day responsibilities.

Smart data for informed decision making

Tixserve’s robust data capabilities empower event organisers with actionable insights into attendee behaviour and preferences, serving as a powerful tool for maximising return on investment. With access to comprehensive data insights, event organisers can make informed decisions that directly impact revenue generation. 

By leveraging these data-driven strategies, event organisers can fine-tune marketing efforts to target specific audience segments effectively, ensuring that promotional campaigns yield the highest possible ROI. Additionally, insights gleaned from ticket holder behaviour can inform event planning decisions to optimise the fan experience and drive increased ticket sales. 

Success Story: Leveraging the valuable insights from Tixserve’s robust data capabilities, Welsh Rugby Union strategically reallocated their marketing budget in order to implement Tixserve.

Seamless integration for optimal efficiency

Seamless integration is at the heart of Tixserve’s commitment to driving both revenue boost and cost efficiency for event organisers. By integrating with existing event systems, such as CRM, Data, or Marketing systems, Tixserve not only streamlines the transition to digital ticketing but also brings new efficiencies and data-driven opportunities. Integrating the advanced data gathered by Tixserve can revolutionise how event organisers engage with their customers. Organisers can gain deeper insights into attendee preferences, allowing for personalised communication, highly targeted marketing campaigns and upselling opportunities.

Enhancing sponsorship opportunities and audience insights

In addition to enhancing revenue and cost efficiency, Tixserve empowers event organisers to offer richer sponsorship propositions. By providing detailed data on user behaviours, preferences and interactions, Tixserve enables sponsors to gain valuable insights into their target audience. Sponsors can access data on who their advertisements are reaching and how ticket holders are engaging with their content, allowing for more targeted and impactful marketing strategies. 

Furthermore, Tixserve serves as a powerful marketing and sponsorship tool in itself, as sponsor content is delivered directly into the hands of every ticket holder through the ticketing app. This direct access ensures that sponsors have a significant and visible presence throughout the event, enhancing brand exposure and engagement with attendees. With Tixserve, sponsors can not only reach a wider audience but also tailor their messaging and offerings to better resonate with event attendees, ultimately strengthening their partnership with event organisers and driving mutual success.


Tixserve’s digital ticketing solution is more than just a tool for ticket distribution but a catalyst for financial success and operational excellence. Its commitment to innovation ensures event organisers stay ahead of industry trends. By continuously exploring new features and technologies, Tixserve empowers organisers to adapt to evolving audience expectations and technological advancements, maximising revenue and cost efficiency.