England Rugby acknowledges significant help from Tixserve Digital Ticketing

England Rugby acknowledges significant help from Tixserve to ensure safe return of fans...
Feb 4, 2021

On 6th December 2020, Twickenham Stadium - the home of England Rugby - welcomed 2,000 fans to the England v France rugby game amidst the pandemic.

All 2,000 digital tickets were delivered through the Tixserve-powered Twickenham Stadium app.

Tixserve has worked closely with England Rugby and other clients to develop new market-leading product features that enable event organisers to satisfy health and safety protocols set by government agencies for the safe return of fans to live events in sports and entertainment.

England Rugby’s Ticketing Manager, Ben Saunders, mentioned Tixserve’s significant role in the return of his customers to Twickenham in a recent post on LinkedIn.

You can also download the Twickenham Stadium app to see these new features for yourself - which include secure registration, a dynamic code of conduct, and a mandatory Health & Safety video.