How to get the most out of your events with a branded tickets app

Event organisers need to be agile in adapting and evolving their offerings to compete with ever-changing digital demands - make the most of in-app experiences.
Jun 14, 2022

We’re living in the most content-rich, attention-demanding and multichannel time where fans’ demands are stronger than ever. Meaningful brand relationships don’t start and stop with each season or event. Year-round fans are demanding personalisation, unique experiences and continuous fan engagement.

It’s why event organisers need to be agile in adapting and evolving their offerings to compete with these ever-changing demands. Digital and mobile technologies have opened up new opportunities for ways to interact with audiences and our leading edge digital ticketing app solution allows you to get the most out of your live events.

We give you your very own branded tickets app that extends further beyond convenient event entry from using a wallet.

Putting your brand in your customers’ hands from every touchpoint, we bring you closer to your audiences like never before.

It’s more than just a ticket. With dynamic in-app tools, you can directly engage, market, communicate and generate a new active revenue stream all while creating memorable experiences unique to your brand; and transforming one-time visitors into loyal customers.

It’s a powerful solution for your ticketing, marketing and commercial teams all-round - and here’s how you can use it to get the most of our your live events.

Create end-to-end fan engagement by designing content-rich tickets

With a dynamic and customisable lower ticket canvas, your digital event tickets become your very own interactive ‘feed’ for bringing unlimited and real-time entertainment to your customers. From the moment fans receive their tickets, create endless excitement for your upcoming live event with media, exclusive content, streaming and more - where fans pursue self-gratification and develop feelings from the very start.

On event day, open up even more opportunities to transform the event experience and draw fans closer by embedding digital into every aspect of the day. Bring your event to life with unique in-app content that fans won’t want to miss - like behind-the-scenes backstage footage, exclusive messages to the fans or livestreams of goal replays.

Make them feel exclusive, creating unforgettable, unique experiences that will also help attract younger audiences to attend your live events.

By radically altering both the customer experience and the inner workings of your organisation, your branded digital ticketing app unlocks unprecedented opportunities for growth and gives fans the experiences they want.

Fans crave the exclusive and shared experiences, so continue to perpetuate your brand image post-event day with ongoing in-app engagement and entertainment that builds FOMO and drives fans to continue coming back for more.

Use your digital tickets as a direct and dynamic marketing channel

Your branded digital ticketing app also transforms your tickets into a direct and dynamic marketing channel, allowing you to boost brand visibility further beyond the capabilities of email or social media campaigns. Reaching every ticket holder, the app is your brand manager’s dream for instant promotions, increased awareness of products, services and updates, and additional sales opportunities.

With an array of dynamic and targeted advertising capabilities, you can boost discount-driven impulse buys before and during event day. Continue offering in-app added value through your partnerships with local restaurants, accommodation and transport offers and discounts.

Giving them great value can go a long way in securing loyalty and positive reviews.

Directly communicate and provide information to all your ticket holders instantly

Push notifications via the app lets you instantly communicate messages to your ticket holders - playing a crucial role in creating great customer experiences and spreading instant awareness. It eliminates the heavy lifting of trying to reach out to your audiences through PR or email marketing to get important information out to your customers, such as last-minute event changes. Instead, instantly update every ticket holder and give yourself and your team peace of mind knowing that they’ve directly received the information.

On event day, take advantage of the messaging tool to optimise the fan experience. Direct attendees to their seats or quieter entry gates to create a safe and optimal flow of movement around the venue. Or let them know about possible traffic delays and help ensure timely arrival to the venue. It’s an invaluable tool for your event operators.

Better yet, let your creativity flow and treat the in-app messaging feature as an additional promotional tool for exclusive offers and discounts, teasers, reminders and not-to-be-missed announcements. The opportunities are endless.

Turn your tickets into a profit centre with mobile fan commerce

Lastly, but by no means least, we give you the opportunity to transform your digital event tickets from a cost centre into a powerful new revenue stream. While our digital tickets already save you money by removing traditional ticket distribution costs, we also give you the power to actively make you money through your event tickets.

The in-app m-commerce tool lets you actively upsell, cross-sell and monetise from the moment fans receive their tickets. Whether this includes products, services or upcoming events, capture impulse sales and revenue that might have been missed by the traditional channels and take advantage of how customers now expect to make transactions on their device at any time.

Offer a better experience for your customers that’s easy to navigate to your stores and requires only a few clicks to shop. Combining this with your strategic in-app marketing and messaging the opportunities unfold.

For more information on moving to digital ticketing, get in touch.