Revolutionising Ticket Allocations with Tixserve

Tixserve's Distribution Portal transforms ticket allocations, offering enhanced convenience, efficiency and traceability for event organisers and stakeholders.
Mar 7, 2024

Tixserve's Distribution Portal is reinventing how event organisers manage ticket allocations, offering an intuitive solution that enhances convenience, efficiency and traceability.

By streamlining the allocation process, the stakeholder Distribution Portal revolutionises the ticketing experience, eliminating manual hassles and providing complete visibility into ticket distribution patterns.

Effortless Allocations

The Distribution Portal simplifies the allocation and management of tickets for various stakeholders, including sponsors, clubs and competing teams. By eliminating manual distribution hassles such as cash handling and in-person ticket delivery, stakeholders can now distribute their allocated tickets with ease, saving valuable time and reducing administrative workloads.

Enhanced Convenience and Efficiencies

Empowering stakeholders with a self-service tool for ticket allocations, the Distribution Portal enables users (also known as Agents) to effortlessly distribute tickets to their networks. With an intuitive desktop browser interface, seamless distribution is achieved with minimal efforts, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process for all involved parties.

360-Degree Visibility

For stakeholders utilising the self-service Distribution Portal, event organisers gain unprecedented visibility into the lifecycle of all allocated tickets, including distribution patterns and utilisation. This comprehensive insight allows organisers to ensure accountability and transparency, mitigating the risk of lost or unaccounted tickets, and facilitating informed decision-making in ticket allocation strategies.

Traceability and Accountability

The Distribution Portal ensures traceability and accountability for every allocated ticket, eliminating the risk of lost or suspicious activity. By providing transparency throughout the ticketing process, Agents and the event organiser can confidently track each ticket's lifecycle journey, ensuring that every ticket is properly utilised and accounted for.

Benefits for Stakeholders

Event Organisers

  • Effortlessly allocate tickets to stakeholder groups with ease and efficiency
  • Gain real-time insights into every ticket journey, enabling informed decision-making
  • Ensure accountability and transparency in ticket allocation processes

Sponsors and Other Stakeholder Groups

  • Streamline ticket distribution processes, eliminating manual hassles and saving time
  • Distribute tickets in just a few clicks, removing the need for cash handling or in-person meetings

Competing Teams

  • Ensures fair and transparent ticket allocations to Away Fans, enhancing the fan experience
  • Facilitates smooth ticket distribution processes, fostering positive relationships with fans

Tixserve's Distribution Portal transforms ticket allocations in the live events industry, offering enhanced convenience, efficiency and traceability for event organisers and stakeholder groups. By streamlining processes and providing comprehensive visibility, the Distribution Portal revolutionises the ticketing experience, benefiting stakeholders and the event organisers alike.