St Andrews Links Trust Engages with Tixserve for Digital Ticket Innovation

St Andrews Links Trust engages with Tixserve for digital ticket innovation, enhancing visitor experience at the iconic Home of Golf.
Mar 4, 2024

Revolutionising the Visitor Experience in the Home of Golf

St Andrews Links Trust (SALT), the esteemed guardian of the iconic St Andrews Links golf courses, has taken the next steps on its digital transformation journey by engaging Tixserve, a digital ticket fulfilment and engagement solution provider to enhance its visitor experience.

This relationship is part of a digital journey to redefine the way customers engage with St Andrews Links and its facilities, leveraging Tixserve’s cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency, visitor experience, and overall operational excellence. 

The collaboration kicked off with a comprehensive year-long proof of concept, validating Tixserve’s capabilities at multiple touch points across the Links estate. 

Central to the project is the deployment of the Tixserve-powered ‘Home of Golf Tickets’ branded app, which will serve as the gateway to a plethora of digital entitlements for visitors including redemption of golf bookings, golf academy access and food & beverage vouchers.

A unique feature of the Tixserve solution is its offline functionality, a crucial aspect for SALT given its open environment. Proven at scale, this capability ensures that visitors can enjoy uninterrupted access to the services provided by the ‘Home of Golf Tickets' app, regardless of connectivity challenges.

As part of the broader Digital Transformation journey, the Tixserve solution will seek to seamlessly integrate with other tech platforms used across SALT’s facilities to further improve customer experience and insight into behaviour.

Tixserve’s foray into the golf sector marks a significant milestone, showcasing the adaptability and versatility of their technology in diverse environments. As the collaboration progresses, both organisations are committed to meeting the evolving needs of customers.

Tixserve’s Managing Director, Patrick Kirby, commented:

“Tixserve is delighted to working with St Andrews Links Trust, an iconic institution synonymous with tradition and excellence.

"Our shared goal is to elevate the visitor experience by seamlessly integrating digital ticketing across St Andrews Links, providing invaluable insights and fostering deeper engagement.

"I'm confident that this collaboration will not only redefine how customers connect with this legendary Scottish destination but it will also open up similar business opportunities for Tixserve in other geographical markets.”

Laurie Watson, Director of Engagement at St Andrews Links Trust, said:

“As the Home of Golf, St Andrews Links has always been at the forefront of golf innovation and the digital ticketing platform provided by Tixserve is enabling us to further push the boundaries of excellence with the golfer’s experience on site.

“The proof-of-concept undertaken with Tixserve underlined the significant potential for a digital ticketing platform to enhance the experience of our customers by offering a one-stop solution to redemption of services.

"We look forward to further trialling the integration of this across more of our touch points for customers to develop a world-leading digital ticketing solution.”