Tixserve transforms business operations for FAW's Cymru Vs Germany fixture at Swansea Stadium

Tixserve transforms FAW's operations at Swansea Stadium, showcasing efficiency and fan-friendly digital ticketing. Discover the game-changing benefits.
Dec 6, 2023

In a testament to the Football Association of Wales' (FAW) commitment to innovation, the Tixserve-powered Cymru Tickets app continued its triumphant journey at the Cymru Vs Germany fixture held at Swansea Stadium on Tuesday 5th December.

Following previously successful implementations at Cardiff City Stadium and Wrexham's The Racecourse Ground, the seamless rollout of digital ticketing at last night's fixture proved once again the efficiency and user-friendly nature of the solution across various locations.

Having already experienced the benefits of the Tixserve solution at other venues, FAW's operational and ticketing staff seamlessly extended their familiarity with the system to Swansea Stadium. The smooth transition speaks volumes about the adaptability and ease of integration offered by the Tixserve-powered digital ticketing solution. FAW ticketing and operational staff, well-versed in the intuitive system, effortlessly managed the digital ticketing distribution process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both Cymru and Germany fans, along with the Swansea Stadium event organisers.

Debuting its user-friendly interface to a fresh wave of users, the Cymru Tickets app garnered praise from both Welsh and German football enthusiasts during the fixture. For many fans, this marked their first encounter with the app's streamlined process for ticket delivery, transfers and event entry. The unanimous appreciation solidified Tixserve's position as a reliable and accessible platform, adept at meeting the diverse needs of a broad spectrum of fans, including those experiencing the app for the very first time.

The implementation of digital ticketing to Swansea Stadium for this fixture reiterated the scalability of the Tixserve solution. The successful rollout across different locations for Cymru fixtures underscores its versatility and adaptability, offering a standardised yet dynamic experience for fans and operational staff alike. The FAW's decision to implement the system at multiple venues showcases the organisation's confidence in Tixserve as a comprehensive and reliable solution for modernising event ticketing.

Beyond the seamless fan experience, the Tixserve-powered Cymru Tickets app continues to deliver substantial business benefits for the FAW. The data insights gathered for the digital ticketing system provides the organisation with a comprehensive understanding of their audience, fan behaviour, and preferences, contributing to more informed decision making and targeted marketing strategies. The ability to analyse and utilise real-time data across various locations further enhances the FAW's capacity to optimise future events and elevate the overall fan experience.

As the Tixserve digital ticketing fulfilment and engagement solution continues to redefine the landscape of ticketing, its successful rollout at Swansea Stadium stands as a testament to its transformative power. The FAW's commitment to innovation has not only elevated the fan experience but has also unlocked new possibilities for informed decision making and strategic event optimisation, setting a new standard for modern sports management.