Transforming event management with push notifications

Use Tixserve's push notifications capabilities to manage footfall at your venue, prolong dwell-time, and improve sponsorship offerings.
Jul 4, 2024

Push notifications are so pervasive that we rarely spare them a second thought. But surprisingly, this powerful communication tool still remains misunderstood and under-utilised in the event space. This guide will illustrate some of the many ways that push notifications can transform an event, providing operational, commercial and experiential benefits for everyone involved. 

Operational updates

The most valuable and least appreciated use of notifications is for urgent communication with event attendees. If a turnstile breaks down, a train is cancelled, or the rain starts to fall, push notifications can immediately provide every attendee with the information needed to address the issue. Tixserve’s ticketing solution allows notifications to reach each and every ticket holder, making this an even more effective tool for event-day management.

Footfall management

Crowd control is a never-ending headache for any event organiser. By evenly dispersing their audience across the venue, queues can be avoided and commercial offerings can be better enjoyed by attendees. Push notifications play a crucial role in throttling demand within a venue. Fans can be encouraged to visit low-traffic areas, and can be warned of queues and wait-times at busy locations.

Prolonged dwell-time

Controlling space is important, but so is managing time. If attendees can arrive over an extended time horizon, entry bottlenecks can be avoided, allowing for reduced staffing requirements and operational savings. Likewise, a longer dwell-time for visitors translates into higher event-day revenue through increased in-stadia spending. Push notifications can entice attendees with early-bird offers to prolong dwell-time, delivering a cheaper and more profitable event for organisers.

Better sponsorship offerings

If event sponsors want one thing, it is direct access to passionate fans. Push notifications can provide exactly this, with custom built sponsored promotions delivered straight to fans during the event. Tixserve’s flexible ticket canvas can accommodate unlimited sponsored content, allowing for a far more valuable sponsorship offering. Tixserve goes even further by providing sponsors with data driven feedback on their marketing campaigns, demonstrating the tangible value that your event provides them. 

Right message, right audience

As with any form of communication, finding the right audience is as crucial as crafting the right message. For push notifications to assist in event management they need to reach the majority of event-day attendees. This is why digital ticketing provides such a valuable platform for attendee communication, as every audience member needs a ticket, and every Tixserve ticket can deliver push notifications. With the number of tickets per app consistently below 1.5, Tixserve’s digital solution will be used by over two thirds of your audience, allowing you to make the most of push notifications during and after your event.