How Tixserve digital tickets are making a positive environmental impact for live events

Tixserve digital ticketing uses a sustainable solution that’s better for our planet and isn’t energy intensive compared to other solutions.
Aug 20, 2022

Fans and event organisers are becoming more and more aware of their consumption and environmental impact. Many rights holders, event organisers and artists are acknowledging that more efforts and investments are needed to implement sustainability practices and procedures to reduce the emissions produced in event delivery. Fans have a growing expectation that their experiences and products are delivered without any environmental detriment.

At Tixserve, we use a sustainable solution that’s better for our planet and isn’t energy intensive compared to other solutions in the mix. Our goal is to help the live events industry become more sustainable by reducing their single-use resources, their carbon footprint, pre-event emissions and overall waste.

The paper and pulp industry is currently the fourth largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Tixserve is proud to be bringing a paperless, sustainable solution to live events that brings with it many benefits.

  1. There is no longer a need for buying thermal paper tickets, ink cartridges and envelopes.
  2. Printers no longer need to be used to print thousands of tickets - saving energy, costs and time.
  3. Postage and courier services, costs and carbon footprints are removed as all tickets are digitally and instantly delivered.
  4. Ticketing staff’s workloads are reduced, allowing them to focus their time and efforts on other important tasks.
  5. On event day, when lots of single-use paper tickets are left lying around the stadium or venue grounds, digital tickets eliminate this waste and landfill.

This efficient digital ticket fulfilment solution means that our clients in the live events industry save on many costs along with making a positive impact on the environment.

With all this in mind, Tixserve is proud to be providing 100% paperless ticketing and a sustainable solution that is helping to make a positive impact on the planet.