England Rugby Travel's digital ticketing transformation with Tixserve

ERT's digital ticketing partnership with Tixserve transforms sports hospitality, enhancing operational efficiency and fan engagement

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In the dynamic realm of sports hospitality, England Rugby Travel (ERT) has embarked on a visionary journey alongside Tixserve, revolutionising the fan experience through cutting-edge digital ticketing. This case study unveils the challenges ERT faced through conventional paper ticketing and the remarkable outcomes following the implementation of the innovative digital ticketing solution. With a strong emphasis on data accuracy, ERT now crafts personalised fan experiences, from targeted marketing campaigns to exclusive hospitality, strengthening connections with their guests. This shift has streamlined operations, lightening workloads, while also transforming fans into active participants through real-time updates and personalised content. ERT's pioneering approach underscores the transformative potential of digital ticketing in elevating sports hospitality, enriching fan engagement, and uniting global sports communities.


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In the world of sports hospitality, the fan experience is paramount. England Rugby Travel (ERT), the official travel company for England Rugby, recognised this and embarked on a pioneering journey to revolutionise fan engagement and ticketing operations through digital ticketing.

This case study explores ERT's partnership with Tixserve, highlighting the challenges posed previously by traditional paper ticketing and the positive outcomes following the implementation of the cutting-edge 'England Rugby Travel' ticketing solution.

Challenges with traditional paper ticketing

Before embracing digital ticketing, ERT grappled with several challenges inherent in the conventional paper-based ticketing system. Some of these pain points included:

Operational inefficiencies

Managing paper-based drinks vouchers, for instance, proved to be a logistical headache, resulting in reconciliation delays and inaccuracies. This not only risked frustrating guests and impacting the overall experience but also presented a considerable administrative burden.

Limited access control and data scarcity

Granting access to exclusive events, such as meet & greets with rugby legends, relied heavily on manually managed lists. Often, these lists only included the lead booker, leaving other attendees feeling excluded. ERT had limited access to valuable customer data from the other members of the group, making personalised experiences and communications challenging.

The solution: Digital ticketing with Tixserve

ERT recognised that embracing digital ticketing was the key to addressing these challenges and enhancing the fan experience. In partnership with Tixserve, they rolled out the cutting-edge digital ticketing fulfilment solution, delivering premium ticket packages digitally to guests via the 'England Rugby Travel' ticketing app.

Benefits realised:

Data accuracy and insights

With digital tickets, ERT has ushered in a new era of precision and efficiency in their operations. The transition to digital has empowered ERT to guarantee the accuracy of customer data, effectively erasing the challenges of reconciliation delays and inaccuracies that were inherent with paper-based ticketing. This shift not only ensures a smoother administrative process but also enhances the overall experience for fans and guests. The elimination of data discrepancies has streamlined their operations, allowing ERT to focus more on delivering exceptional fan experiences and less on administrative intricacies.

Access to this invaluable customer data enables ERT to gain profound insights into fan preferences and behaviours, setting the stage for future opportunities such as targeted marketing campaigns, personalised hospitality experiences, and the cultivation of lasting relationships with guests.

Streamlined ticketing operations

The transition from paper-based tickets to digital tickets eliminated manual data entry, ticket creation, distribution and management, significantly simplifying ticketing operations and reducing workloads for ERT staff. This streamlined approach ensures a more efficient and error-free process, enhancing the overall operational effectiveness.

With individual digital tickets on their phones, hospitality guests no longer depend on the group booker for entry. This streamlined access ensures that every guest enjoys personalised welcomes and other exclusive benefits, eliminating the frustration of exclusion.

Personalised experiences and enhanced communication

For travelling guests embarking on a journey abroad to witness England Rugby in action with ERT, digital tickets herald a transformative experience. These digital tickets bring fans closer to the heart of the game, transcending the role of passive spectators. Real-time event-related updates and enriching supplemental content are seamlessly delivered through these digital tickets. From the moment guests receive their digital tickets to the final whistle at the overseas match, they become active participants in the entire rugby series. This dynamic shift not only keeps travelling fans engaged and well-informed but also fosters a deeper sense of involvement and camaraderie with fellow fans while representing their nation on foreign soil.

In tandem with this, the possibilities for enhanced fan engagement reach new horizons. With this technological advancement, ERT gains the capability to personalise communications and curate tailored experiences like never before. It's not just about attending a rugby match; it's about crafting a unique, memorable journey for each guest. From pre-match insights to post-game highlights, ERT can now provide bespoke content that resonates with fans on a personal level, strengthening the bond between them and the England Rugby community. These tailored experiences extend beyond the stadium, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty that transcends borders. It's more than rugby; it's a shared passion and a global community brought together through innovative digital ticketing.

Security and event management

The implementation of a robust digital ticketing solution stands as a cornerstone of England Rugby Travel's innovative approach. This fortified system serves as an impenetrable barrier against fraudulent activities, ensuring the integrity of ticket distribution. Simultaneously, the digital architecture simplifies the entry process for guests, enhancing the overall experience. No longer burdened by the need for physical tickets to elaborate identity checks, attendees can seamlessly enter, immersing themselves in the thrilling world of rugby with ease.


The partnership between England Rugby Travel and Tixserve has demonstrated the transformative power of digital ticketing. The challenges of traditional paper ticketing, including operational inefficiencies and limited access control, have given way to a new era of precision, personalisation, and efficiency. With data accuracy as its cornerstone, ERT now crafts tailored experiences, from personalised hospitality to targeted marketing, fostering enduring connections with guests.

This transition has streamlined operations, reduced workloads, and empowered fans to become active participants through real-time updates and personalised content. Moreover, it has fortified security measures, safeguarding against fraud while simplifying the entry process. In sum, ERT's pioneering approach showcases the profound impact of innovative digital ticketing in revolutionising the sports hospitality landscape, enriching the fan experience, and strengthening global sports communities.

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