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Discover how Tixserve's digital ticketing revolutionised St Andrews Links Trust, enhancing visitor experience and operational efficiency.

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In a bid to enhance visitor experience, St Andrews Links Trust (SALT) embarked on a digital transformation journey in collaboration with Tixserve, a digital ticket fulfilment and engagement solution provider. Tixserve’s technology, deployed across multiple touch points within the Links estate, facilitated the implementation of the ‘Home of Golf Tickets’ branded app, offering visitors digital entitlements such as golf bookings and access to amenities. Overcoming connectivity challenges with its offline functionality, the solution significantly improved operational efficiency and deepened customer engagement by providing valuable insights into visitor behaviour. This collaboration not only redefined the visitor experience at the Home of Golf but also demonstrated the transformative potential of digital ticketing in traditional settings.


St Andrews Links Trust - The Home of Golf




St Andrews Links Trust (SALT) is the esteemed guardian of the iconic St Andrews Links golf courses, known as the "Home of Golf". Recognised globally for its tradition and excellence, SALT sought to enhance the visitor experience through digital transformation. In 2023, SALT engaged with Tixserve, a digital ticket fulfilment and engagement solution provider, to revolutionise the management of patron bookings and to provide a platform for a more compelling, engaged visit to the famous town.


The collaboration between SALT and Tixserve began with a comprehensive year-long proof of concept for season ticket package holders. Tixserve’s cutting-edge technology was deployed across multiple touch points within the Links estate.

Central to the project was the implementation of the ‘Home of Golf Tickets’ branded app powered by Tixserve, which provided visitors with season ticket entitlements as digital tickets; these included golf bookings across the seven SALT golf courses, access to the golf academy, plus food & beverage and retail vouchers.

One of the unique features of Tixserve’s solution is its ability to work offline, which is crucial for a large open environment like St Andrews. This capability ensured uninterrupted access to services provided by the app, overcoming connectivity challenges.

The integration of Tixserve’s solution with other tech platforms used across SALT’s facilities is a key aspect of the digital transformation journey. The include the golf booking platform, food & beverage EPOS systems and practice facility infrastructure.

These integrations aim to provide a seamless customer journey and further improve patron experiences whilst providing valuable insights into SALT visitor behaviour.


Before the implementation of the digital ticketing solution, all golf entitlements relied on manual paper-based systems, with little knowledge of who was visiting St Andrews, and limited ability to communicate and engage with these visitors.

Manual processes lacked a cohesive solution to unify and integrate all aspects of SALT business operations and a digital solution was required to overcome these shortfalls. Core requirements related to the unique open environment with a solution that could provide seamless integration with existing systems across various locations and overcome any connectivity issues.

An intuitive solution was also required to address any resistance to change among staff and visitors accustomed to traditional ticketing methods.


The collaboration between SALT and Tixserve resulted in several significant outcomes:

Enhanced Visitor Experience

The digital ticketing solution provided by Tixserve significantly enhanced the visitor experience at SALT. Visitors could seamlessly redeem services through the ‘Home of Golf Tickets’ app, offering a convenient one-stop solution.

Operational Efficiency

Tixserve’s solution improved operational efficiency by streamlining ticketing processes and reducing manual intervention. This allowed staff to focus on delivering exceptional customer service rather than managing ticketing logistics.

Offline Functionality

The offline functionality of the app ensures uninterrupted access to services, even in areas with poor connectivity. This feature was particularly beneficial in the open environment of St Andrews Links.

Deeper Customer Engagement

The integration of Tixserve’s solution with other tech platforms enabled SALT to gain deeper insights into visitor behaviour, leading to personalised experiences and enhanced engagement.

In conclusion, the collaboration between SALT and Tixserve has redefined the visitor experience at the iconic Home of Golf, showcasing the transformative power of Tixserve digital ticketing in enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency in a traditional setting.

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