Transforming Ticketing: Harnessing the power of Tixserve's data

Tixserve's data revolutionises rugby ticketing for UK Unions, elevating experiences and revenue potential.

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Event Summary

Tixserve's digital ticketing delivery solution has transformed the landscape for UK's Rugby Unions. This case study highlights how the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), England Rugby (RFU), and Scottish Rugby leverage Tixserve's data capabilities to revolutionise their ticketing operations. By overcoming data challenges, they have gained invaluable insights into fan preferences, leading to enhanced engagement and personalised experiences. With unprecedented visibility into fan demographics, targeted marketing efforts have amplified, driving attendance rates and revenue growth. Furthermore, Tixserve's platform has extended inclusivity across all facets of Welsh Rugby, with opportunities for other sports sectors like football, developing a new era of data-driven sports management.


UK Rugby Unions



In the sporting environment where fan engagement and data-driven strategies are essential for success, the adoption of Tixserve's digital ticketing solution has proven transformational for the UK's governing bodies.

This case study sheds light into the profound impact of Tixserve's data capabilities on the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU), England Rugby (RFU) and Scottish Rugby, showcasing how they leveraged the platform to revolutionise their ticketing operations and elevate fan experiences.


Before implementing Tixserve’s solution, these governing bodies faced the challenge of comprehensively knowing and understanding their customer / fan base. Limited data accuracy hindered their ability to personalise experiences, target marketing efforts effectively, and maximise revenue potential before, during and after matchdays.


By leveraging Tixserve’s data-rich platform, the RFU, WRU and Scottish Rugby successfully solved their data challenges. Through seamless ticketing experiences and robust data acquisition mechanisms, they gained invaluable insights into fan preferences, behaviours and demographics, laying the foundation for informed decision-making and enhanced fan engagement.


Enhanced data acquisition and fan insights

WRU's comprehensive fan database

Matthew Clarke, Head of Ticketing at Welsh Rugby Union:

“We’ve been digital for two and a half years and our database of app users is just shy of 600,000 within that time.
“We redistributed our marketing budget as we realised the opportunity this [solution] brings from a data acquisition perspective is enormous.”

The exponential growth of WRU’s app user database to nearly 600,000 within two and a half years is even more valuable than it seems. It represents a treasure trove of invaluable fan insights meticulously collected through Tixserve’s platform. Within this comprehensive database, WRU gained a nuanced understanding of their fan base, delving into preferences, attendance patterns, and demographics with unprecedented granularity. This wealth of data enables WRU to tailor their offerings and experiences to match the diverse needs and interests of their supporters.

Scottish Rugby's remarkable insights enhancement

Kerry Halliday, Head of Group Ticketing and Customer Engagement at Scottish Rugby:

“We’ve gone from knowing our lead purchasers to now knowing an average of over 80% of our matchday attendees. Capturing other data points like gender and date of birth means we’re getting a much bigger picture of who’s coming and sitting in that seat on the day.”

Scottish Rugby’s journey from knowing only a small minority of their event attendees to capturing a substantial 80%+ presents a monumental shift in their data landscape. By adopting Tixserve’s platform, Scottish Rugby turned attendance figures into rich profiles teeming with demographic details such as gender, country of residence and date of birth. This depth of insight not only facilitates targeted marketing campaigns but also paves the way for personalised fan interactions and experiences, strengthening the bond between the union and its supporters.

Empowering member clubs and expanding reach

Enhanced visibility for WRU

The adoption of Tixserve’s platform has empowered complete visibility across WRU's extensive network of 300 member clubs. Previously, WRU allocated up to 40,000 tickets through these member clubs, which meant they only had 300 data records for these 40k tickets. 

Tixserve enabled the WRU to gain insights into every ticket and significantly broaden their understanding of their fanbase without undermining their valued distribution network.

With Tixserve, the WRU have gained newfound visibility into their member network, enabling them to tailor their outreach efforts and foster deeper connections with their rugby fans. This enhanced visibility has also laid the groundwork for targeted marketing initiatives, thereby amplifying fan engagement.

Inclusivity and growth across all facets of Welsh Rugby

Matthew Clarke, Head of Ticketing at Welsh Rugby Union:

We’ve got complete transparency over who the customer is, and this transcends into other parts of Welsh Rugby, Women’s Rugby, and our regions as well.”

WRU’s embrace of Tixserve’s platform extends beyond the national level, permeating into its women’s rugby and regional teams. By leveraging the insights gathered from Tixserve’s data-rich platform, the WRU are fostering data-driven approaches with a mission to break attendance records in women’s rugby; build engagement across grassroots clubs; and drive participation rates overall. This holistic approach has reinforced their commitment to promoting rugby at all levels.

Importance of memberships in fan engagement

The RFU’s recognition of the pivotal role of memberships in filling stadiums underscores the symbiotic relationship between fan engagement and organisational success. By building a robust membership base, the RFU not only ensures a steady stream of attendees but also lays the foundation for fostering deeper connections with fans. Moreover, the ability to connect with members across different events enhances fan engagement and loyalty, further solidifying the union’s position as a cornerstone of the rugby community.

Data-driven opportunities and cross-sport implications

Tixserve’s data capabilities offer unprecedented opportunities not only for rugby but also for other sports sectors, such as football, motorsport, cricket, and so on. By harnessing rich fan insights, event organisers can optimise ticketing strategies, enhance fan experiences, and drive revenue growth across various sports, paving the way for a new era of data-driven sports management.


By leveraging insights derived from Tixserve’s platform, England Rugby, Welsh Rugby Union and Scottish Rugby are not only enhancing fan experiences but are also unlocking new avenues for revenue generation and community development. As sport continues to evolve, Tixserve’s data-driven solution stands poised to drive further innovation and growth across the sports landscape.

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