Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby's digital ticketing transformation with Tixserve

Elevating fan experience and efficiency: See how Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby thrive with Tixserve's digital ticketing solution.

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This case study explores the transformative journey of Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby as they transitioned to digital ticketing using the 'Scottish Rugby Ticketing' app powered by Tixserve. Faced with the complexities of traditional paper-based systems, the clubs sought streamlined operations, data accuracy, enhanced security, cost savings, and heightened fan engagement. Embracing sustainability and fostering partnerships were additional goals. The results were impressive: improved efficiency, data-driven insights, enhanced security, significant cost savings, personalised fan engagement, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. This innovative partnership has redefined the clubs' fan experiences, setting a new benchmark for digital ticketing in the sports industry.


Scottish Pro Teams - Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby




Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby, two prominent rugby clubs, recently embarked on the transition to digital ticketing, setting a new standard for fan engagement and operational efficiency. This case study delves into the benefits that the Tixserve-powered digital ticketing fulfilment solution has brought to both clubs and their loyal fans base.


Traditionally, the process of distributing and managing match tickets and season passes for Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby involved paper ticket fulfilment, leading to logistical complexities, security concerns, and increased operational costs. Both clubs sought a modern, streamlined solution that could enhance the fan experience while optimising their ticketing operations.


All match tickets and season passes for Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby are now exclusively distributed through the Scottish Rugby Ticketing app. This innovative shift towards digital ticketing marks a pivotal moment for both organisations, streamlining the ticket delivery process and embracing a more efficient, fan-friendly approach. Fans and supporters of these rugby powerhouses can now enjoy the convenience of accessing their tickets with a simple tap on their mobile devices, making entry to matches smoother than ever.


The partnership with Tixserve marks a significant step in the journey of both Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby to modernise their ticketing operations and elevate the overall fan experience. The Tixserve-powered digital ticketing solution has proved to be a transformative path, redefining the way both clubs engage with their fans, partners and the broader rugby community.

Edinburgh Rugby's Managing Director, Douglas Struth, said: "Moving to a digital ticketing system is a really positive step forward for the club and will provide our supporters with a much-improved matchday experience, with tickets easily accessible and shareable from one place, on an app that is now proven and well received at Scottish Rugby.

"As a club, we're constantly striving to enhance all aspects of our matchday, whether that's fan zone entertainment, our clubhouse or how we deliver tickets to supporters.

"With a digital ticketing system and app now in place for the club, our supporters can benefit immensely from improved matchday information, the ability to transfer tickets, and an easy-to-use interface all in the palm of their hand."

"Alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh Rugby is a true trailblazer in the BKT United Rugby Championship with regards to launching a digital ticketing app. The club is delighted to be working with both Scottish Rugby and Tixserve in forging new ground, with innovation at the forefront of the club's key principles."

Benefits realised

Streamlined operations

The transition to digital ticketing has simplified and optimised the operational ticketing processes for both Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby. By eliminating the cumbersome paper-based systems, the clubs have reduced the complexities associated with ticket distribution, tracking and reporting. This streamlining has translated into tangible benefits, as staff can now focus on more strategic tasks, rather than managing physical tickets.

Ticket distribution has become a swift and seamless process, offering fans near-instant access to their tickets via the Scottish Rugby Ticketing app. The newfound efficiency in tracking and reporting allow the clubs to gain deeper insights into fan behaviour and ticket utilisation, facilitating data-driven decisions for enhancing the overall fan experience and maximising revenue-generating opportunities.

In essence, the adoption of digital ticketing has marked a pivotal moment in the modernisation of their operations, allowing Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby to better serve their fans and stakeholders while maintaining a competitive edge in the sports industry.

Data-driven insights

One of the most transformative aspects of adopting Tixserve's digital ticketing platform for both Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby is the access to real-time data and analytics on ticket activity and fan engagement. This robust data ecosystem empowers both clubs to make informed, strategic decisions that not only enhance the fan experience but also optimise their marketing strategies.

Real-time data insights provide an up-to-the-second view of ticket delivery and activity, enabling agile responses to changing circumstances and trends. integrations with detailed analytics systems enable access to paint a comprehensive picture of fan preferences, allowing for highly personalised engagement initiatives, from tailoring promotions to delivering exclusive experiences.

The digital ticketing fulfilment solution goes beyond ticketing, serving as a vital tool in shaping the club's overall strategies, ensuring that every decision made is based on a deep understanding of their fan base and the evolving dynamics of the sports industry.

Glasgow Warriors Managing Director, Al Kellock, said: "We are determined to make sure we continually make steps that improve our match days week-on-week and season-on-season. moving to digital ticketing is a significant enhancement for both our supporters and the club alike.

"Tixserve is a tried and tested system with Scottish Rugby introducing it last season, and it's now a welcome addition to Glasgow Warriors events. It means we can give supporters their matchday information all in one place, make tickets easily and quickly accessible, and provide the option to transfer tickets to friends and family at the click of a button.

"This platform will also give us a deeper understanding of buying trends and when supporters want to access game day information, which in turn, will allow us to tailor our services to best suit them."

Enhanced security measures

The adoption of the digital ticketing solution represents a pivotal leap forward in the realm of security for Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby. By digitising their ticketing systems, both clubs have significantly fortified their security measures, effectively reducing the risk of counterfeit tickets and fraudulent activities.

Digital tickets are inherently more secure, incorporating advanced encryption and authentication technologies that make it exceedingly difficult to counterfeits to replicate or forge tickets. This heightened security not only safeguards the interests of the clubs but also extends a protective shield over their loyal fan base. Fans can now attend matches with the confidence that their tickets are authentic and legitimate, thus eradicating the uncertainty and disappointment that can result from counterfeit or fraudulent tickets.

In general, the enhanced security of the digital ticketing solution ensures a more secure and trustworthy environment for both clubs and their fans, fortifying the integrity of the entire ticketing process.

Cost savings

The adoption of the Tixserve digital ticketing solution has yielded significant cost savings for both Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby. By eliminating the need for paper ticket production and delivery, and the associated administrative costs, both clubs have unlocked substantial financial resources that can be strategically reinvested in various areas.

These cost efficiencies can be channelled towards enhancing the overall fan experience, creating a win-win scenario for the clubs and their supporters. The savings can be allocated to upgrading stadium facilities, introducing new fan engagement initiatives or improving the quality of matchday services.

Overall, the financial benefits realised from the digital ticketing solution serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that fans enjoy an even more exceptional and memorable rugby experience while fortifying the long-term sustainability of both clubs.

Enhanced fan engagement

The digital ticketing platform has ushered in a dynamic era of fan engagement and interaction for Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby. Through the Scottish Rugby Ticketing app, both clubs have gained a direct and highly personalised channel to connect with their fans. This digital conduit enables them to offer tailored content, promotions, and exclusive experiences, catering to the unique preferences and interests of individual supporters. From providing behind-the-scenes glimpses of the club's activities to delivering real-time updates, the platform fosters a sense of community and loyalty amongst fans.

Fans, in turn, enjoy a more immersive and interactive relationship with their beloved teams. The result is a win-win situation where Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby forge deeper connections with their fan base, enhancing the overall fan experience and ensuring that every sponsor feels like an integral part of the club's journey.

Sustainability commitment

Embracing digital ticketing has not only transformed the ticketing process but has also reinforced the commitment of Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby to environmental responsibility. by eliminating the need for paper tickets, both clubs have significantly reduced their environmental footprint, effectively curbing paper waste and its associated environmental impact.

This move towards a paperless ticketing system aligns seamlessly with the broader sustainability initiatives undertaken by the clubs, reflecting their dedication to responsible stewardship of the environment. By choosing a greener and more sustainable path, both Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby send a powerful message to their fan base and the broader sports community, highlighting their role as environmentally conscious leaders in the industry. This contribution to a greener future serves as a testament to their commitment to not only excel on the field but also to be responsible custodians of the planet, off it.

Partner collaboration

Tixserve’s flexible platform serves as a pivotal asset for Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby in their partnership strategies. By accommodating partner activations and sponsor integration seamlessly, both clubs unlock new avenues to provide enhanced value to their partners. 

The digital ticketing platform becomes a dynamic channel through which sponsors and partners can directly engage with fans. This engagement can take various forms, from targeted promotions and advertisements to exclusive fan experiences and co-branded content. As a result, sponsors and partners can maximise their visibility and impact, reaching a highly engaged and passionate fan base. 

This not only strengthens existing partnerships but also opens up opportunities for new collaborations, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem where both clubs and their partners thrive. In essence, Tixserve’s platform empowers Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby to leverage their digital ticketing system as a strategic asset, enriching partnerships and further enhancing the overall fan experience.


Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby’s adoption of digital ticketing through the Tixserve-powered ‘Scottish Rugby Ticketing’ fulfilment solution not only streamlines their operations but also deepens fan engagement, reduces costs, and demonstrates their commitment to sustainability. This case study showcases the immense benefits realised by these clubs through this innovative partnership, setting a new benchmark for digital ticketing in the sports industry.

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