Presenting New Opportunities for Grassroots Clubs with Digital Ticketing

Tixserve implemented a fully white label digital ticketing solution for grassroots sports to increase their revenue, fan engagement, ticket sales and security.

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Event Summary

Tixserve brought new opportunities and enhanced event experiences for both event organisers and spectators at grassroots sporting events in Ireland. The digital ticket fulfilment solution solved the issues for grassroots sports around the lack of ticket security and spectator data, along with slow entry into the venues on match day.


ClubSpot Grassroots Clubs




ClubSpot is an Ireland-based sports club management and ticket-selling platform designed to help sports organisations and grassroots clubs reduce the workload placed on their volunteers and increase their revenues.

ClubSpot implemented Tixserve’s digital ticketing delivery solution to the ClubSpot ticket-selling platform in 2020 whereby tickets are now sold via the ClubSpot platform and delivered into the Tixserve-powered “ClubSpot Tickets” app. 


Slow Event Entry

Before implementing digital ticketing, all event tickets were paper-based and sold at the stadiums’ gates on match day. This would result in slow entry and large queues at the gates for fans - along with tedious and heavy workloads for volunteers and stewards.

Lack of Security

Tickets for games the were sold at the gates before kick-off and volunteers were handling high volumes of cash with little-to-no security. They required a solution that would remove cash handling at the events. 

No Spectator Data

The stadiums and event organisers had no insight or understanding of who their spectators, recurring customers and loyal fans were which prevented opportunities of growing addressable audiences.

No Digital Community

ClubSpot needed a solution that would boost engagement before, during and after match day to attract fans to return, build excitement leading up to the event, and grow fan loyalty.

"The move to digital ticketing has transformed Cavan GAA. It has increased attendances at matches, the removal of cash handling has led to an increase in willing volunteers, and it has greatly boosted Cavan GAA's commercial income while creating a data bank that will be invaluable to Cavan GAA in the future." - John Hyland, ClubSpot Managing Director


Having successfully implemented white label digital ticketing solutions for various sports organisations and stadiums, we understood how to solve these grassroots’ challenges and bring new opportunities and business benefits to them.

We provided the following white label solutions to ClubSpot:

  • The ClubSpot Tickets app for fans to:
  1. securely and conveniently receive their digital tickets before event day,
  2. gain speedy event access, 
  3. transfer tickets to friends and family at ease, and 
  4. stay up-to-date with the event and other fixtures.
  • A self-service Distribution Portal for ClubSpot and sports organisations to:
  1. efficiently distribute, manage and track all their digital tickets, 
  2. capture data of every spectator, 
  3. boost ticket sales by allowing tickets to be distributed right up to kick-off, and 
  4. take control of any last-minute event changes.
  • A high-speed Scan App for stewards and volunteers to:
  1. validate tickets at the stadium gates - allowing for speedy sole and group entry.

Offline Functionality

With many of the grassroots sporting events taking place in remote and rural areas in Ireland, the solution needed to function offline for cases where there was little to no network connectivity. ClubSpot and the event organisers were given peace of mind knowing both the ticketing app and scan app are fully functional offline - guaranteeing event entry at any location.   

Outcomes for event organisers

Data Ownership

A large and accurate database has been created for ClubSpot and the event organisers. They now know every attendee at their fixtures and the data ownership brings further opportunities for them.

Increased Ticket Sales

With the removal of cash handling and ticket purchasing at the gates, their ticket sales have significantly increased. The ability to purchase tickets days and weeks in advance of the game - and continue purchasing right up to kick-off - has attracted a higher number of spectators to attend.

Fraud Prevention

The patented security features within the solution have assisted in preventing ticket fraud at each event. Spectators are unable to duplicate tickets and event organisers can trace all app-to-app ticket transfers.

Increased Revenue and Fan Engagement 

The data capturing, fan commerce and push notification capabilities have brought new revenue streams and engagement opportunities to ClubSpot and the event organisations. ClubSpot have had the flexibility of using each strategy to creatively increase their match day attendance, such as promoting upcoming events, and running event competitions and half-time draws at the games. 

Revenues increased by 37% in 2021 compared to 2019.

Higher Productivity

With cash handling eliminated, this has given the organisers more time to work on other activities. Weekly admin workload time was reduced by 20 hours per week.

"The move to digital ticketing has transformed Cavan GAA. It has increased attendances at matches, the removal of cash handling has led to an increase in willing volunteers, and it has greatly boosted Cavan GAA's commercial income while creating a data bank that will be invaluable to Cavan GAA in the future"

Outcomes for fans

Convenience and Reliability

The removal of paper tickets has removed spectators’ need for carrying cash to the events. Fans no longer need to worry about misplacing or forgetting their tickets on match day given they are now stored securely on their smartphones. 

Contactless ticket transfers

The app-to-app ticket transfer function is allowing spectators to easily pass their tickets to friends and family on-the-go. When companions are running late for a game, their ticket can be transferred to them instantly and securely, allowing the rest of the group to enter and take their seats on time.

Enhanced Match Day Experience

Fans are now entering three-to-four times faster into the stadiums, making access safer for all fans and stewards. The interactive map and seating plan on the digital tickets are guiding spectators to the stadium and their seats at ease. Additional event information displayed on the digital tickets are keeping spectators informed and engaged about the match day schedule.

The digital ticketing solution has been hugely successful since its implementation in 2020. ClubSpot experienced a tremendous adoption by supporters, being the top downloaded app in Ireland in the first two weeks of rollout. 

Tixserve looks forward to continuing to bring new opportunities to grassroots sports organisations in Ireland and elsewhere with the white label digital ticket solution.

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