Responding to last-minute changes at the Premiership Rugby Final

Experiencing efficiency during last-minute changes: How Tixserve streamlined operations, eliminated ticket fraud and enhanced experiences.

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Event Summary

In response to sudden changes at the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final, Tixserve's digital ticketing solution showcased remarkable adaptability. The platform efficiently facilitated the cancellation and rapid distribution of new digital tickets within a week, ensuring a seamless transition for the 10,000 attendees. Tixserve's Management Portal enabled real-time monitoring of secure ticket transfers, reducing pressure on customer service and mitigating operational challenges. The dynamic digital ticket feature provided distinct information for various categories, and the Scanning App in Hospitality areas enhanced entry access and customer service. RFU's positive feedback underscored the platform's pivotal role in meeting dynamic event requirements, showcasing Tixserve's effectiveness in addressing last-minute changes.


Premiership Rugby Final




The highly anticipated Gallagher Premiership Rugby Final, held at Twickenham Stadium on June 26th, welcomed 10,000 fervent fans from Harlequins and Exeter Chiefs, eager to witness the clash for the 2021 Championship. Originally slated for 20,000 spectators, the government's decision to postpone lockdown easing prompted a reduction to 10,000 attendees.


Facing a sudden shift, Premiership Rugby League (PRL) and England Rugby (RFU) organisers needed to adapt swiftly. With 10,000 pre-sold tickets and plans for the remaining 10,000, the government's announcement necessitated the cancellation and refunding of all original tickets. This challenging task unfolded just a week before the final, demanding a rapid response to distribute new digital tickets.


Efficient digital ticket distribution

The Tixserve distribution platform played a pivotal role, enabling a streamlined ticket creation process within the tight timeframe. The Tixserve Management Portal empowered the RFU to efficiently distribute new digital tickets, ensuring a smooth transition.

Secure ticket transfer and attendee data accuracy

Tixserve facilitated real-time monitoring and management of ticket transfers through the Management Portal. This ensured track-and-trace of all attendees, event up to half-an-hour before gates opened, enhancing security measures.

Pressure reduction on customer service

The digital ticket distribution alleviated operational challenges and ticket office queues, reducing pressure on RFU's customer service. The efficient process mitigated the common headaches associated with last-minute ticket distribution.

Flexible digital tickets

Tixserve's dynamic digital ticket header feature provided distinct information for various ticket categories. From General Admission to Hospitality and other categories, attendees could easily identify their entitlements. The Tixserve Scanning App used in Hospitality areas, ensured entry access and offered valuable data for seamless customer service.

RFU's Head of Ticketing, Steve Kitcher, praised the Tixserve Management Portal, commenting:

"In the week leading up to the event, The Tixserve Management Portal was used extensively both internally and externally by those needing to distribute tickets to their guests. Feedback on the Portal from those using it is positive and it's proved to be an invaluable tool allowing us to distribute tickets digitally to key stakeholders, etc."


The challenges posed by last-minute changes were expertly met through the effective utilisation of the Tixserve digital ticketing delivery solution. The platform not only facilitated secure and efficient ticket distribution but also garnered positive feedback, showcasing its instrumental role in responding to dynamic event requirements.

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