Scottish Rugbys' Digital Season Passes - Transforming operational efficiency

Discover how Scottish Rugby's Digital Season Passes transformed fan engagement and streamlined operations at Murrayfield Stadium.

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Event Summary

In a strategic move towards digital transformation, Scottish Rugby partnered with Tixserve to introduce Digital Season Passes at Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium. This transition aimed to enhance fan experiences, optimise operations, and bridge engagement gaps. The shift from traditional plastic passes to interactive digital solutions streamlined ticketing, empowered sponsors, and deepened fan connections. This case study highlights how embracing digital solutions can reshape fan engagement and operational efficiency in the realm of sports event management.


Scottish Rugby Season '23/24




Building on the successful launch of digital matchday tickets, in partnership with Tixserve, Scottish Rugby stepped further into its digital transformation journey with the introduction of Digital Season Passes at the iconic Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium.

The strategic move was aimed to revolutionise their season ticketing operations for both its 20,000+ Season Pass holders and the organisation as a whole. This case study explores the triumphant implementation of Digital Season Passes, underscoring how Scottish Rugby fundamentally reshaped their ticketing process.


The core objectives of Scottish Rugby's venture into Digital Season Passes were clear:

  1. Efficiency

To streamline the season ticketing operations by eliminating the complexities associated with traditional plastic card-based passes.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

To reduce operational costs by cutting down on the production, distribution and management expenses related to physical Season Passes.

  1. Fan-centricity

To enhance the fan experience and engagement through personalised digital interactions and a seamless ticketing process.


Scottish Rugby faced several challenges before the introduction of Digital Season Passes:

Ticket fulfilment costs

Producing and distributing physical plastic Season Cards proved to be financially burdensome, especially when accounting printing, shipping and handling costs for their extensive audience.

Ticket visibility and insights

The inability to track ticket usage and attendance trends due to traditional plastic card-based passes hindered efficient resource allocation and maximising attendance on matchdays.

Fan engagement gap

The static nature of plastic Season Passes hindered Scottish Rugby's efforts to engage fans through personalised content, exclusive perks and interactive experiences.

Operational workload

The labour-intensive management of physical Season Passes required dedicated administrative resources, leading to inefficiencies on the lead up to match days and kick-off.

Outcomes: A triumph of transformation

The implementation of digital Season Passes has brought numerous transformative outcomes for Scottish Rugby:

Logistical simplicity

The deployment of digital Season Passes via the Tixserve-powered Scottish Rugby Ticketing app ushers in a new era of logistical simplicity. The administrative burden of distributing physical tickets is replaced by a seamless and efficient digital distribution process. This not only saves time and resources but also aligns harmoniously with Scottish Rugby's sustainability vision.

Heightened security & convenience

The digital Season Passes reinforce ticket security through its robust features. Transferring tickets to friends or family while preventing unauthorised sales ensures the integrity of the ticket.

Moreover, the era of carrying physical tickets is eclipsed. This newfound convenience eliminates the risk of lost or forgotten tickets, streamlining entry processes, and ultimately enhancing the fan experience.

Strategic insights and visibility

Scottish Rugby now gains comprehensive visibility into Season Pass usage patterns. Easy transfer options for fans reduce instances of drop-offs, maintaining the electrifying stadium atmosphere on every match day.

Through the robust security features and data collection capabilities, Scottish Rugby can now gain insights into these transfers, and equally target these new customers. This data-driven approach fuels targeted marketing initiatives for expansion and increased engagement.

Fan engagement & commercial opportunities

The interactive features of the digital ticketing app infuse a fresh dimension of fan engagement. Scottish Rugby can now engage its passionate fan base more effectively and explore new commercial avenues, capitalising on upsell and cross-sell opportunities. The app transforms from a mere entry ticket to a dynamic gateway of data-driven opportunities and vibrant matchday experiences.

Empowered sponsor proposition

The digital Season Passes evolve into a canvas for sponsors to paint their brand stories. Integration of sponsor branding, offers, competitions and promotions directly into the passes nurtures deeper sponsor-fan connections. This not only enhances the value for sponsors but also simplifies the matchday excitement for fans.

The impact also extends further beyond immediate engagement; it's about data-driven depth. The verified and accurate data collated through the passes serve as a path towards precise ROI. Each interaction and engagement is a data point that shapes strategies, refines targeting and ensures sponsors' investments align with fan interests.


Scottish Rugby's transition from traditional plastic card passes to digital Season Passes underscores the event organisation's commitment to embracing innovation, enhancing fan engagement and optimising operational efficiencies. The case study exemplifies the profound benefits of embracing digital solutions in modern sports event management. Scottish Rugby's journey stands as an inspiring example, illuminating how digital transformation can revolutionise and drive operational excellence in the dynamic landscape of sports entertainment.

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