Tixserve transforms Premium Digital Ticketing at Principality Stadium Experience

Elevating Hospitality and guests' experiences with Tixserve's digital ticketing solution at Principality Stadium Experience.

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Event Summary

Principality Stadium Experience (PSE), a leading provider of match day hospitality and events, faced challenged with a limited customer database and paper-based tickets leading to queues and inefficiency. Tixserve's digital ticketing solution tailored for PSE's Premium Hospitality addressed these issues, offering a white-label "PSE VIP Tickets" app, a Management Portal and a Scanning App for seamless entry. The outcomes included accurate data capture, enhanced security measures, improved fan engagement, and streamlined workflows. Tixserve's solution has transformed the Premium Hospitality experience at PSE, elevating customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Principality Stadium Experience


Hospitality & Premium Experiences


Principality Stadium Experience (PSE), established in 2014, stands as a premier provider of match day hospitality, conferences, and events at the renowned Principality Stadium. Comprising 112 hospitality suites and six lounges on Level 5, the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) aims to create an exceptional entertainment space through innovation and passion.


Limited database

One major challenge experienced by PSE was their limited customer database, which only included the ticket purchaser of each group booking, leaving many guests unknown to PSE. This limited their ability to deliver a personalised customer experience upon arrival and hindered their marketing efforts for upcoming events. Additionally, the reliance on paper-based tickets led to large queues at the box office, especially due to misplaced or lost tickets.

Tixserve's Approach

Tixserve stepped in with a comprehensive digital ticketing solution tailored for PSE's Premium Hospitality department. The solution included a "PSE VIP Tickets" app for guests, a Management Portal for Hospitality staff, and a Scanning App for seamless entry. The digital tickets are now validated at Hospitality entry doors, providing a smooth and personalised experience for premium guests.


Data accuracy

One of the significant outcomes was the accurate data capture facilitated by the Tixserve solution. Real-time insights into guest arrivals, personalised experiences, and targeted marketing opportunities became possible. PSE could now market specific events based on guests' attendance history and interests, fostering long-term customer relationships and increasing ticket sales.

Security measures

The digital ticketing solution also addressed security concerns. Each digital ticket, securely stored on guests' smartphones within the app, displayed their name and ticket type clearly for staff identification. Tixserve's patented security features prevented unauthorised access to VIP areas, ensuring ticket control and event security.

Fan engagement and feedback

The innovative digital tickets offered new fan engagement opportunities for PSE. Guests received exclusive event-specific content for an enhanced premium experience, including event guides, F&B services, and exclusive offers. Push notifications and in-app marketing features allowed PSE to promote early stadium entry with exclusive discounts and offers. The digital ticketing app also facilitates post-event feedback, by sending out surveys directly to guests, providing deeper insights to PSE for future enhancements and improvements to the premium experience.

Enhanced workflow and customer service

The WRU box office staff experienced a significant reduction in match day workload pre-event. Digital tickets secure to smartphones eliminated ticket misplacement, eliminating lengthy box office queues. Staff can now focus on dedicated event day tasks, streamlining operations and enhancing customer service.


Tixserve's digital ticketing solution has revolutionised the Premium Hospitality experience at Principality Stadium Experience, addressing challenges, enhancing security, and unlocking new opportunities for fan engagement and business growth. The seamless integration of technology has resulted in elevated customer satisfaction and operational efficiency for PSE.

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